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Advice about getting my twins in their own beds

can i just say first of all, if youre going to tell me that co sleeping is natural and everything. I understand that, we've been co sleeping for 20 months, it's not a big deal, but its not working for us anymore and I want them in their own beds. if you MUST tell me about it, go ahead but I really need advice as to the opposite.

i have twins who are 20 months. my bed is in their room, but I want to move it down the hall to my own room and have them in their cribs.

our evening routine ends with them falling asleep being held by me and their grandma, sometimes without a drink, but sometimes with a sippy cup of milk. Then we lay them on their little couch beds things for an hour or so and then take them up stairs where I put Tyler in his crib and Taden goes in bed.
Tyler will sleep in his crib until about 4am or 5am. he wakes half way up crying, and has to have a bottle (with water) hes not fully awake is the hard part, because he will fall asleep wtihout a bottle when hes awake but when hes half away asleep, he just screaaams for that bottle. and at that point about 95% of the time i have to put him in bed as well.

so i'm thinking about moving my own bed to my own room, and having Tyler learn that he CAN fall asleep without abottle an without being in bed, and THEN trying to move taden to his crib, because he sleeps prettty soundly and usually through the night so I'm hoping that goes well.

so my questions are/ what i need advice with is

what order should i work on keeping them in bed
i feel like if i do both at the same time they will scream and keep each other awake
i need advice on how to get them to fall asleep in their cribs in the evening, rather than having to be held (planning on a better evening routine with a bath, books and then in cribs with music)
and then for Tyler, who wakes up at 4/5 should I just move my bed and let him cry? how should i deal with that?? :/

UGH i know i have more questions but there are so many i can't remember and this is getting so long :P

advice please!!!!

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Asked by ElsaSalsaaa at 11:09 PM on Jun. 9, 2011 in General Parenting

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  • I would work on the screemer first so you will not have two screemers. Can you put the crib in another room for a while so one doesn't desturb the other? Just let that screemer screem.
    For me it went like this:
    The first night he screemed himself to sleep in 30 min.
    The second night he caught on and it was on. He screemed for 3 hrs.
    The third night the same.
    Buy the fourth it started SLOWLY sizzleing down.
    Just remember the earlier you start the better.

    Answer by Kimkh at 12:05 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

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