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Why do daughters of teen moms have such a high risk of getting pregnant as teens?

Sometimes I wonder if it isn't because they are more lenient about letting their daughters date or if it's because they would rather be friends than mother's. What is it really?


Asked by Shanna84 at 3:37 PM on Jun. 10, 2011 in Teens (13-17)

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Answers (12)
  • It's difficult to empower a teen with the self-esteem, knowledge, and self-discipline necessary to successfully avoid situations where she may get pregnant and/or contract a sexually transmitted disease. I think younger mothers have a harder time with instilling those qualities when 1) their mothers may not have instilled it in them, 2) they may be parenting without the help of the child's father, and 3) they are still defining themselves as an adult. That isn't to say that teen moms can't parent well (or that older moms automatically do), but I think they face more challenges in this area, as a group.

    Answer by Dr.Donna at 3:58 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • IDK...maybe b/c their daughters think it's ok since their mom did it. I remember finding an old photo album that my mom had in the attic and it had pics of her drinking and smoking when she was younger...I always thought in the back of my mind that it was ok for me to party b/c my mom did.

    Answer by MommyH2 at 3:39 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • My mother was a teen mother. I was not, I waited till 25 to have my first. But honestly, I remember as a teen, thinking that 18 was an okay age to have a baby simply because that is when my mother had me. She never told me that she was too young, I think she feared I would take it the wrong way and she didn't want for me to think I was a mistake. Perhaps teen moms should communicate more about the struggles of having children young and be more honest with their kids, to prevent the cycle from continuing.

    Answer by cdecker83 at 3:40 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • Well, I think it is a cycle. My gm got married at 14 had her first child at 15. My mother got married and had her first child at 16. I got had my first child at 17. My mother was not a friend, She was super strict and my curfew was at 9 pm when I was 17. I was never taught not to get pregnant or about safe sex. I knew from school and sex ed but my mother never spoke to me about it. Sex was a taboo in my home. But in my family pregnancy is a cycle, my mom had her first child as a teen and all my sisters including myself were teen mothers. My moms sisters got pregnant in their 20's and their daughters seem to have gotten pregnant around the same age.

    Answer by styhmMommy at 3:42 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • I don't think that it's so much that the parent was a teen but more of the circumstances they experienced as a result of. No positive role model around, not being in a stable environment. I'm not saying all teen parents live a bad life, I was one myself, it just seems that from what I see the ones that follow in the mom's footsteps have faced these hardships. I'm not much for knowing statitistics but I would wonder if you didn't compare apples to apples that children of teen moms aren't any more likely to get pregnant as those who had adult mothers but lived with the same stresses.

    My BFF had a baby at 16, me at 19. Her mom was a teen mom, mine waited until 30 to have me. The things we had in common were things like absent dads, our home lives weren't always stable, etc.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:46 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • i think it is a cycle but like the above poster said it needs to spoken about the struggles. its not all roses and daisies. i think they need to be educated. but sometimes its difficult to communicate. but every situation is different and as long as the teen can talk to there mom and the mom to the teen they can break the cycle.

    Answer by lambdarose at 3:48 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • lower moral standard as an example.
    The bar is set too low. They look at mom and say "well it was good enough for you"

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:07 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • Probably because some, not all, but some teen moms didn't set great examples of what to do and not to do with their daughters. My mother was a teen mom, she married my dad, but I was not a teenager when I had my first baby. I was almost 30. My parents were very clear about what was expected of me. Even if they had not been so clear, the absolute last thing I wanted was to be a mother while still in high school. Watching them struggle with lousy low paying jobs just to put a roof over our heads and food on the table was more than enough to convince me teen parenting is not a good idea and can be avoided.


    Answer by wildflowers25 at 4:13 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • Probably because women in lower socioeconomic classes are more likely to have babies at a younger age, and having babies at a young age is more likely to keep them in a lower socioeconomic class.

    Answer by SWasson at 4:19 PM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • Because children learn by example.  Monkey see, monkey do!


    Answer by beeky at 6:06 PM on Jun. 10, 2011