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Moms that have a toddler and a baby

What does your toddler do when you're trying to lay your baby down? Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do?

My son will come in yelling "mommyyyy", jump on the bed, and even though he knows not to scream, he will for attention. He'll do it under the covers, but it's just loud enough to disturb the new baby who I've almost got sleepy enough to lay down. I've tried giving him a snack, putting on his favorite show, or just flat out telling him it's his sister's bedtime so to try to be quiet and good. He just really wants to be in the room when I'm laying her down. It'd be fine if he could just control himself, but he can't. :/ This past time I just had to put him in his room and shut the door so I could get her down for her nap. I called it "timeout" but honestly, all his toys are in there, his movie was on, it's not really punishment. I don't want to have to do this every time though :/

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Asked by ours at 3:16 PM on Jun. 11, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • What all do you do when you lay the baby down? How long does it take? When my babies were little they mainly took their naps in the swing and I never worried about anyone being quiet, they just slept through it. When they started sleeping more in their crib, I just put them in their crib and walked out of the room. I am sorry I am not much help, but it does sound like you have some good ideas. Try to do the same thing everyday that you think works best and your toddler will catch on to the routine. It may take a week or two.

    Answer by JamieLK at 3:22 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • Have you tried letting your toddler snuggle with you and read a book to him while I get baby to sleep?

    Answer by dedicatedrider at 3:28 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • while you*

    Answer by dedicatedrider at 3:28 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • I little ds crawl in my lap while I'm putting dd to sleep in the end they both would go to sleep in my arms.

    Answer by babygirl0782 at 3:32 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • I did this with all my kids, 6, 5, 3, and 3 months. I'd tell the older one's what I was going to do and what I expected of them. If they did as they were told then I'd do .......... with them when the baby is asleep. Btu I stress to them if they do not let me get the baby down then we will have to wait even longer to do something special. Not so much when the babies are little because they will sleep anywhere. We also didn't have a quiet house at nap time. Our only rules for nap time is no yelling/screaming and no friends in the house. Otherwise it's noise as usual.

    Answer by AmandaH321 at 3:41 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • Steady noise like talking or the TV don't bother her, but random loud noises (like a crazy 2 year old boy for example) do. When I lay her down, I'll rock her for about 10mins until she's relaxed enough and starting to fall asleep, then lay her down in her bassinet. The problem is 50% of the time that's not enough. She'll wake back up and instead of picking her up, I'll give her pacifier to her and rock the bassinet. She'll usually fall asleep 10-20mins after that, but this is when my son likes to come in. It makes it even harder than it already is :/ How did you just walk out of the room after putting them in the crib? My baby would never let me do that. It's so hard getting her to sleep sometimes, even though she's tired. I never wait till she's overtired, her first yawn happens after she's done nursing and that's when I start rocking her.

    Comment by ours (original poster) at 3:47 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • Honestly, for one ( this is coming from a mommy who had a newborn and an 18 month old) you need to let your new little one fall asleep without any help. Lay her in her swing, bouncer, bassinet, crib, where ever she sleeps. You are going to be setting yourself up for always having to rock her. The swing works wonders on new littles with sleep. Giver her, her paci, make sure she has a clean diaper, and a full tummy, she doesnt need any mo than that. Your son is screaming for attention because he feels you are favoring the new baby. And in a way, you are. Include him in everything. When we had our dd, we let our son get sissys diaper, then turn the swing on for her nap time. It makes him feel like you still love him.

    Answer by BabyBugsmama at 3:53 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • I lay my little one down awake, turn on her "Violet" that plays 10 minutes of lullabies and she goes to sleep so him coming in there isn't a problem; I'm not in there long enough for him to come in. We started laying her like that when she was a newborn and at that very sleepy stage - she just got used to getting herself to sleep. We've done the same thing with all 5 of my kids.
    Of course, I also leave my 2 yo downstairs when I'm taking her up to her room. We have gates at the top and bottom of the stairs for safety so even if he wanted to, he couldn't follow me if I shut the gates behind me. (He doesn't follow me, he knows I'll be right back)

    Answer by missanc at 4:08 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • If she is still in the bassinet it sounds like the age I was still letting them sleep a lot in the swing. I also had a Moses basket that I would use. After feeding I would put them in the swing and let them fall asleep on their own while they watched everything that was going on. When they switched to their crib I would lay them down and they all had some kind of animal that played music that I would turn on and leave. It just worked. It isn't bad to rock her to sleep, I rock my kids here and there, but it would be a long night if they were all used to that and needed it to fall asleep. Oh, and she may get used to the random loud noises. My boys were almost 2 and almost 3 when their sister was born. She would sometimes jump, be startled in her sleep with them but she got used to it. She is now almost 2 and still sleeps through everything, more than the boys do.

    Answer by JamieLK at 4:17 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

  • BabyBusmama - She won't fall asleep without any help. I'd have to let her cry. I can imagine how my son feels. A lot of the time I'm stuck on the couch nursing her, so he'll have to wait for something he wants while I'm doing that. Then getting her to sleep is such a pain sometimes that I could be stuck in our room for almost an hour. :/ Other times all it takes is a little rocking and she'll fall right asleep, it's frustrating.

    Comment by ours (original poster) at 4:18 PM on Jun. 11, 2011

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