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let her cry it out or not?

so i have an 18 month old daughter that thinks mommy is supposed to put her to sleep..{my fault} i know but last night i put her toddler bed right next to my bed so she can ssee me and feel my hand but i think she needs to go to bed without me laying there in my i just let her cry it out and just keep placing her in the bed when she climbs out???

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Asked by amysmomma505 at 3:25 PM on Dec. 11, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • yes thats the only way you are going to break her from it.

    Answer by Mommy2B04 at 3:26 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Yes. This first time, explain that she is a big girl now and will sleep in her big girl bed. After that, each time she gets up, place her back in bed without saying anything. Don't talk to her, etc. Just keep placing her back in her bed til she doesn't get up again. She will get it.

    "Got that from watching Supernanny"

    I have seen it work many times on the show.

    Answer by goinginsane1 at 3:27 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Yes. She's old enough now for that. I think everyone has to go through this when their baby is older. Well atleast most people.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:27 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Yeah I know it can be hard but just let her cry it out. Thats what I just did with my 13 month old it only took 2 nights of that and he got the point.

    Answer by BabyGsMaMa13 at 3:28 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Im going through the exact same thing except my son is 23 months and hes in his pack n play next to our bed. This is our first child so we made the mistake of letting him be in bed with us most of the time but now were getting a little uncomfortable in bed and were trying for another baby, so we desperately want him in his own bed. I put him to sleep in bed w us and then transfer him to his bed and then he usually wakes up and crawls out of the pack n play and then hes back in bed with us lol. Its easier said then done when people tell you to just let them cry or to keep putting them back in the bed cause we wont get any sleep.

    Answer by LANDENSMOMMYlmk at 3:32 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Continued.... Sorry I didn't really have an answer for you but just wanted to share my story as well. Im thinking about putting him back in his own room in the crib once he falls asleep at night and then if he wakes up then Im just going to let him cry. He cant get out of the crib yet so I want to break him of this first befor he learns how to clim out of that as well. Good luck to you though.

    Answer by LANDENSMOMMYlmk at 3:33 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Ahhhhhh, yes. Keep putting her back in bed when she climbs out. I saw this same scenerio on Super Nanny and it worked. The mom ended up putting the child back to bed about 60 times the first night. The second night was much better. After a few nights, the child slept through with no problems. The key is consistency. Many moms would not have the patience for this, understandably. But, you have to if you want results. Oh, she will cry and put up a fight but in the end, you will all be happier. During this, you do not yell at the child or lose your temper. You remain calm but stern, DON't speak to the child. Just put her back to bed. Try it for a few days and let us know.

    Answer by averys1mom at 4:03 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • Yes, just let her throw a fit. Because that's what it is, a fit.
    Move her bed back to her own room, tuck her in, kiss her good night, and follow the "silent return to bed" advice the others have given you.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 5:11 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • LOL! I always think it's so funny when co-sleepers start to want their beds back and have to ask others how to do it...didn't think that cute, little, tiny baby would get any bigger, huh? Good luck...

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:54 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

  • yup. it'll be hard. but she'll get the hang of it. i did the same thing with my daughter, (shes 14 1/2 months old) and it was difficult the first night, and then she eventually got the hang of it. as soon as i get her used to her bed and off the bottle completly, im going to start putting her in her room on her toddler bed.

    Answer by kiliki_malie at 7:09 PM on Dec. 11, 2008

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