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This seems to be a fairly common assertion.

"Religion and Christianity are two different belief systems."
(if this was your statement, feel free to claim it.)

Especially among the pentecostal and fundamentalist communities.

How/why can you believe this to be true?

*note that this is asked not of a single person, and that the owner of said quote is not being addressed personally.

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Asked by ObbyDobbie at 7:51 AM on Jun. 16, 2011 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • I'm having a hard time with this one.... Isn't religion a term used to describe any faith system, and christianity refers to faiths that believe in Christ. So logically I'm having a hard time with this statement because it makes no sense. Just so I'm clear... Religion example: Catholic, Muslim, Judism.... Christian: Catholic, Baptist, Methodist ( but they are all also religions)

    Maybe be I havn't had enough coffee yet, but it seems to me that someone may not know what there talking about, and I'm not refering to OP of this question.

    Answer by Finkette at 7:58 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • "Christian: Catholic, Baptist, Methodist ( but they are all also religions)"

    Just so we're clear, they're all the *same* religion, simply different denominations.

    Comment by ObbyDobbie (original poster) at 8:02 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • Right... but that still doesn't explain how to compare Religion to christianity. It seems like a silly, illogical statement... Thats like saying Europe and United States are different countries.... It's a poor statement because Europe is a continent not a country and has many countries in it.

    Answer by Finkette at 8:09 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • So I guess basically I'm asking why kind of assertion your making from this statement. I feel like I'm comparing apples to oranges.

    Answer by Finkette at 8:10 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • Whenever I see/hear someone say Christianity isn't a religion, all I can do is scratch my head.They say it is a relationship not a religion, but all you have to do is look the word up in the dictionary to see the way most Christians go about obtaining that "relationship" definitely qualifies as a religion


    Answer by nichamli at 8:25 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • Alot of Christians tell me its not about religion (set rules)  its about a relationship/spirituality with god maybe she meant that? But still i feel if you call yourself a christian your following that religion. The way i take the comment is her trying to separate christianity from being religious which it is not. So i can not see this as true. You be me more spiritual about your religion but it doesnt mean its not a religion.


    Answer by whitenena at 8:30 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • How common- I had never heard it until these two posts-?
    Fundamental and Pentecostal may be prevalent in your area but they are by no means the majority world wide-

    Answer by soyousay at 8:41 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • I may confuse the question more than answer it, but here is my personal take on it, it might not be others views. When someone looks at me and says they are a Christian, it scares me. These are usually uptight people who are unaccepting, yet will not be good in their own hearts. That being said, I do believe to act as a Christian, it is not something that you do on Sunday morning, or on Wednesday evening, but what you do all week that counts. It is what is in your heart and how you treat others that makes you a real Christian. (I suppose that could apply to other religions that do not believe in Jesus too.) Religion is the church that you follow, their rules, rituals, etc. I consider myself a Christian because I try and act Christ=like (not that I do all the time, I still have my moments of bad words, thoughts and actions), but I will help just about anyone, my morals I keep in high standing, etc.

    Answer by attap5 at 8:50 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • I have never heard that before.

    You mentioned it was from another post. Which one? I would like to see it in context, because on the surface it makes no sense at all to me.

    It's like saying "Food and pepperoni are two different sausages"

    Answer by KateDinVA at 9:09 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • Kate, I'll post the link, I went looking for it too, it's on the first page, the one you have to expand because it got so many down votes, lol. What the OP quoted here was all the lady said in her comment:


    Answer by nichamli at 9:24 AM on Jun. 16, 2011

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