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Doctor Appointment Monday..what to do?

My mom and I have fallen out a couple of times over the thought of me being pregnant, and she hates the idea to the very core! But, I can't keep ignoring the possiblility and I can't keep denying the facts.

See,for 4 months my period has been irregular and I've had weird things happen to me (starting in Feb on the 22nd after the unprotected sex on the 19th.). First off, whenever I have a irregular period, I still get the bad cramps and heavy bleeding, but lately I haven't had either one. I have pink stuff instead of real blood, and i spot pink and brown and the cramps are mild. Sometimes it's like I'm not having a period at all.

Then, there's the back aches. Oh gosh! My back hurts every day and I get tired so quickly and my stomach hurts for no good reason at all. But well, I stopped the pregnancy thoughts long ago when I didn't throw up. I only suffered nausea, but nothing came up at all. I slept more and ate more, then my nipples used to hurt and feel like someone was pricking them with pins and needles and then they'd stop.

I know my body is changing because I'm young, but the stomach aches and back aches just shouldn't come with it. I realized that it isn't fat, because nothing on my stomach jiggles. It's just poked out a little and feels really smooth when I tried to girp the bottom of it.

but my stomach feels kind of like theres some pressure in it and really wierd at times. I still have the nausea and the fatigue, and sometimes, constipation.Food seems to go through me easily at times...and this is the first time any of this has ever happened.

I knew something wierd was going on with me though, when a handicapped man at a nursing home asked me to pick up some cds for him off the floor. So, I bent down more than once, even got on the floor on my belly and went under the bed, and when I finished and was in the car with my mom, my stomach started felt sore and I didn't appreciate the pain at all and I didn't know where it was coming from or why it was even hurting. It's never hurt before..

Plus theres white mucusy stuff when i urinate and my nipples have small bumpy things around them...

But I'm going to the dr monday, and I know i'm going to have to tell her all of this, but i don't want to have to tell her in front of my mom. Cause if I really am pregnant, I know how she's going to act. She's given me a hard time once already and told me I'm a disgrace even when we weren't sure of it at all. Its crazy, and now, I don't know what to do!.. help


Asked by Deedra510 at 2:14 PM on Jun. 16, 2011 in Pregnancy

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Answers (5)
  • I dont know how old you are...or your situation...but whats done is done and your mama is just going to have to deal with it. Be honest with your doctor about EVERYTHING, even if your mother is there with you, this is about your health and if your pregnant about the health of the baby. She will get over it. If you are...its up to you what YOU want to do. Its your body, your life and your choice. Everyone has an opinion, but the last one is yours and thats the one that counts. Stand strong, be brave and dont be scared. It will all work out. Keep us posted and goodluck.

    Answer by MissyNewMama at 3:28 PM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • Why not just get the blood test and then go from there. If you are not pregnant that you can let the doctor know the symptoms and then go from there. If you are then they make sense. A lot of what you are talking about could just be changes in hormones or stress related. Have you taken any pregnancy tests?

    Answer by Melbornj at 2:20 PM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • How old are you?

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 2:22 PM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • I'm 16...and well, no not lately, I haven't taken any pregnancy tests at all

    Comment by Deedra510 (original poster) at 2:28 PM on Jun. 16, 2011

  • I am sure she is upset, you don't want to ever watch your child struggle or have THIS type of growing up to do earlier than they are ready for, and I am sure she is scared for your future and school and career when you are caring for a little one and I assume you'll be lviing with her and maybe she felt done raising kids or almost done.. I don't know, I think at this point, she midaswell be in the room when you do or don't find out - it will be easier a dr being there than you trying to explain it to her again.

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 2:34 PM on Jun. 16, 2011