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sex question. possible tmi!

mmmk, i'm 27wks and 5 days along, and my question is, what exactly is it about sex that brings on labor? b/c i read that by the end you're so uncomfortable you just DON'T want sex, so i'm asking, how does it bring on sex? is it the orgasm...or the semen? and can an orgasm from supposedly 'masturbating' [getting yourself off, during sex with your partner] <-thats the tmi! lol bring on preterm labor?


Asked by Cowbell88 at 6:53 PM on Dec. 12, 2008 in Pregnancy

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Answers (10)
  • It is a myth because I have sex everyday and he cums in me all the time and I don't see myself going into labor anytime

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:20 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • its the guys semen but sometimes it dont work...the only thing it really helped me with was not being that tight down there so it wasnt as hard to

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:56 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • at this point, i'd just take it easy. if you're used to it rough, slow down. listen to your body. if it gets uncomfortable, stop...or wait a minute and resume. i do believe it is the semen, but it's probably more a mix of things, hormones plus your vagina moving.

    Answer by imanixon2 at 6:57 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • sex doesnt really bring on labor you will only go into labor if your body is ready so feel free to have sex or mastubate whatever works for you lol. At the end of your pregnancy if your cervix is starting to soften and your dialting they say the orgasim along with the semen can sometimes stimulate labor but it didnt work me with my son.

    Answer by Mommy2B04 at 6:58 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • It doesn't.
    It's a myth.

    Although- the cause of the myth is the semen. It is a natural "inducer", but believe me- you won't go into labour until your body is ready. Simply having sex and having your DH cum inside you will not randomly set you into labour at 28 weeks.

    Do you know what they use to induce women? Pig semen.

    Answer by Liyoness at 6:58 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • Its both the semen is more effective if you orgasam!! It just really softens up the cervix so you can dialart and efface!!

    Answer by scaredmommy08 at 6:58 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • (Oh, and I had sex right up until the hour before I went into labour. And had I had a long enough labour (my last one was only 5 hours), I would have had sex during labour to help with pain.. I was 10 days "overdue". I loved sex and enjoyed every single moment of it right through my pregnancy!!! How else can you feel sexy while you're pregnant if you won't let your lover caress you??)

    Answer by Liyoness at 7:00 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • i've actually heard that if u have been having sex during ur entire pregnancy ur cervix is probably used to it and it wont really do much. even if u have sex at the end to try to induce labor it wont do much cuz u have always been doing it. they say the semen helps to dilate the cervix and the muscle contractions of an orgasm can help bring on uterus contractions but neither will happen until ur body is ready, u dont need to worry about preterm labor unless u have the risk factors, i forget what they are but just google it

    Answer by Butterflysky_24 at 7:02 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • The sperm softens the cervix a little so it might dilate easier. And the orgasm causes contractions in your uterus, which also contributes to labor. The sex itself helps because you're also getting exercise. I once spent the whole day walking in the mall with my hubby and went into labor the very next day. Its walking and sex! It will not cause you to go into pre-term labor, it just helps so that you won't go past your due date. LOL so you don't have a reason not to try and get an orgasm!

    Answer by sweetvietchic at 7:02 PM on Dec. 12, 2008

  • Good myth, I had really good sex the night I went into labor,when I was pregnant with my last DD. Went into labor that night. Had her the next day.
    i could swear it was the sex cause I was in no pain before the sex.

    Answer by louise2 at 7:09 PM on Dec. 12, 2008