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LOvLeY YeT ScReWeD uP LiFe. (LoNg) PlZ TaKe TiMe To ReAd. adult content

Well For starters my mom and i have had a complicated life together and were never close. When i was 5 i went to live with my father and his wife abused me while he was away at work (he traveled) she accused me of a bunch of things and till this day i still sometimes feel people accuse me of doing stuff. Then when i was 10 my dad + stepmom finally split and then less than a year later he got with another bitchy woman and was mean to me. He always chose his bitches and alcohol over his own daughter, and believed there storys and not my truthfullness. While they were still together i met my ex (now the father of my child) he was 16 and i was 10 , fucking gross right? Like i knew any better though well my dad let his mom watch me but really she made her son (my ex) watch me so then one night he molested me while his pothead mom + stepdad were in other room sleeping. Needless to say he fucked my life up. (For all of u who think im probably a physco bitch or something by not and i accept that this happened to me and that all the bs i went through just made me a stronger woman.) anyways after all this happened i moved with my dad+his gf and 2 daughters to ohio. Then she got knocked up blah blah blah so on and used my father for his money i told him she was doing this all along and he didnt see it until they split up ...child support and u know the rest and so on.
I was in ohio for about 5 yrs switching back in forth from living with my mother and father. When i was about 15 i moved in with my mother in nc and met back up with the ex peice if shit (yea i know i have a lot of hostility towards him) so i went to his house for about 2 weeks and and needless to say he manipulated me by pressuring me to smoke weed so for about 2 weeks straight i smoke and drank energy drinks and stayed up almost the whole time 3 days b4 i had to go home i lost my virginity to him. Then i went back home to mom she didnt like him and i can now see why and she told me i couldnt speak or see him. So i moved to my dads house bc me and her were always fighting. When i moved it didnt get any better my dad basically encouraged me to get on birth control so i wouldnt get (knocked up) When really i didnt even want to have sex. Well needless to say i got on birth control and had sex ond only had sex with 3 partners including my ex. Then when i went to see my mom for summer vacation when i was 16 i then moved in with her again (i know i was wishy washy do u know what it feels like to have 2 parents 2 worlds apart?) anyways i was 16 when i moved in with her and 16 when i ran away to my ex`s house where he abused me verbally and physicaly i then stayed with him for 3 yrs and by the third year i got pregnant. he got pissed bc my son wasnt a girl. He had a condition his whole life and we thought MY son might have had it, he doesnt and till this day he doesnt know that bc he doesnt want him and im glad.
I AM a STRONG,lovable,caring, considerate,nice,free WOMAN and decipt all the bs that happened to me im still kickin baby ha lol and go ahead and say i need therapy ah what the hell i probably do and i will see someone and i do not regret this bc it made me the woman i am today it made me stronger and although that peice of shit took my hear/love/life/independence away when i had my son , he (my son) gave it all back and i love that little bot that is 2 months old i would do anything for him anything and thats why i am now trying to study to get my ged for both him and me to make our lifes better and i WILL stay a strong woman and i will NEVER give up i am currently considered a loser bc im staying with my mother (we now have a very good relationship due to us both growing up) and trying to get my ged while at the same time taking care of my son, helping my mom by : helping her disipline her 5yr old son (my bro),clean the house , cook dinner sometime, clean dishes etc , and while doing all this i still manage to find time to type this and listen to what all u have to say, and i still manage to have a ged app on my phone along with living a lovley family life and although most of u r thinking (so ur moms supporting u) well no shes not i have my own my money coming in and we share food stamps and shes currently going to college online (phyology) she is a very indepent woman and i think highley of her bc she supports her son and also helps support me+my son and i am going to go to college after ged, meanwhile she and i both want to live together in this very small but cozy house lol and continue to support each other and we think this is fine and what about u ?Im curious to know your HONEST opinion about my lovely yet screwed up life as a loving single mother/sister/daughter. And yes im happy and NO i dont need a man the only man i need to even remotly care about is my lil man i bounce around and feed in my arms everyday. Sorry this is long and if u could plz tell me what u think.Does this plan i have about going to college soundgood?

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Asked by renah164 at 11:51 AM on Jun. 19, 2011 in Relationships

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  • This is very personal and probably belongs more in journals and not answers. And yes, you really do need therapy even if you "feel fine" the issues don't just sort themselves out jet because abuse stops. I was beaten and kidnapped sixteen years ago and have to work on it still.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 11:56 AM on Jun. 19, 2011

  • Not jet...yet lol

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 11:56 AM on Jun. 19, 2011

  • yea life is hard for most of us & yea all these things that happen past makes us stounger lucks sorry to hear all saddnesss but i too was almosted raped but i ran awy in time jumped into a worst marrage it last 4 months he cheatede i left met my hubby who i been with 11 years the father of both my childern & treats me better then own family lol but other my step dad try hurt me i never was close to mom 5 years but with gods help i for gave my mom when my grannie was dieing it was grannies dieing wish & so i too had a hard life your not along good to hear u & mom close & rember your child is # 1 in world god bless u for going to get your ged & going back too school u sound sweet lets be friends we can talk e-mail me Barbie

    Answer by sassy21176 at 2:29 PM on Jun. 19, 2011

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