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I have 3 month old twin girls...... Will they ever be happy and stop crying?

My girls are always crying and nothing I do seems to entertain them for any length of time. I am totally overwhelmed and cant stand to just let them cry. Should I let them cry it out or should I continue to pick them up and comfort them? Ive tried taking them out places such as the park and malls and all they do is cry. I never sleep because one is always up and I can feel myslef getting a little more depressed with every passing day. Does it get better and does anyone else feel this way?

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Asked by AvaAndAverysMom at 3:53 PM on Jun. 21, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • In my opinion they can't cry it out that young. That said I'm a colic survivor, my daughter cried 8 hours a day for 4 months. Hang in there and if help is available with the girls take it. Don't feel like a horrible parent if you let them cry long enough for you to go use the bathroom or get a quick bite to eat. That is very different than crying it out.


    Answer by SweetOrangeMama at 4:00 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • I think they are definitely too for CIO, do you have help honey? It does get better, and then they learn to talk and never be quiet lol

    Answer by yesmaam at 4:03 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • I agree with SweetOrange, if you need a snack or to stand on the front porch and cry or scream, that is totally normal. They really can't CIO at 3 months- most proponents suggest 4-6 months.

    My daughter cried a lot when she was young- not my older 2, but the youngest- and I have NO idea how you do it with 2. I would cry with her all the time because I couldn't fix whatever was getting to her. She had some allergies (I stopped eating a lot of foods and it was marginally better after 2 months) and probably colic. She was a little better at 6 months when she could sit, a little better again at 8 months when she could crawl, and now at age 2 is happy ALL. THE. TIME. (probably started around age 1) It helped me a tiny bit to know some day it'd be over.

    BUT how do you survive that long? Help helps. I would take my child to the Y or church and they were new and able to deal with her well. Or family or friends. (ocnt)

    Answer by Tracys2 at 4:10 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • But you may well be getting depressed, like really depressed. Not only could you have PPD, but you get no sleep, and nobody can stand being cried at all day without being upset- much less in stereo.

    Please talk to a doctor. Do a PPD or depression quiz, online or in real life. And of course, ask your doctor about the girls crying (I'm sure you have). And get some help. Exercise while my daughter was in the Y nursery was the only thing that halfway kept me sane. They couldn't always deal with her either, but they tried hard and sometimes succeeded, and they were fresh, you know- they didn't deal with her the other 23 hours in the day. Exercise and getting out can help. Going outside can help calm them too, if you can do it. Accept any and all help from friends and family (I didn't have much myself) and be alone if and when you can, even a few minutes.

    Best of luck! You will survive this but it's so so hard.

    Answer by Tracys2 at 4:16 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • I'm with Oranges mom and also, a colic survivor of 6 months starting at 14 hours a day crying.. i understand it must be more stressful given there are 2 of them but I would check what they are being fed, if it could be reflux, milk allergy, things like that! Gripe water is always worth a try and remember to try anything and everything you try for at least 2 weeks.. good luck mama

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 4:22 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • Oh sugar. I only had a singleton and he didn't have colic, which it sounds like your girls might have, but I swear to you it will change one day. I'm not going to say it will get better...because once they stop crying and start talking and running around there will be a whole different set of challenges, and then they'll get older and it'll change again. But this phase will pass. I swear. Really. This stage will end!

    In the meantime, they really are too young for you to leave them for hours and wait for them to go to sleep, but sometimes it is better for Mommy to walk away and take a breather for 15 minutes. Put them in their crib or hand them to someone else and go walk around the block. Lock yourself in the bathroom with relaxing music and a scented candle. Read a book or magazine.

    Do they like to go for walks? You could trying wearing them or strolling them for walks around the block. Always put my son to sleep.

    Answer by ohbladi at 4:45 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

  • Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words. I love my girls so much and I just want them to be happy, I'm a first time mom and I just feel like I'm some how failing them. It was such a comfort to see that you all took time to help! I will try all of your suggestions, especially the screaming one!! Im so glad I came across this site!!
    Wish us Luck,
    Christa, Ava & Avery

    Comment by AvaAndAverysMom (original poster) at 5:54 PM on Jun. 21, 2011

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