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Wow my husband is soo weird...

ok so this is my second pregnancy and i really really want natural, i didnt get with my first. well i amdoing research on how and just saying how much i really want a natural this husband makes the remark " why are you researching something you have already done?" i was confused until he cleared it up with about the natural labor and said just "breath, push when they tell you to, and deal with the contractions beside that if you want water or whatever ill get it" .... i couldnt help but laugh my booty off at him.... bless his heart. does any one else have husbands that are like this? and any good suggestions on real pain management that doesnt involve drugs or "breathing and pushing when they tell you" sure ill know when to push lmao


Asked by bamamommy2009 at 11:04 PM on Jun. 23, 2011 in Pregnancy

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  • silly man. mine doesn't think before he speaks & thinks that our period is an excuse for mood swings & bein pissy. oh yea he used to think women peed out of their vaginas until 2009 when he saw me put a tampon in and 30 min later he saw me pee & asked how i was peeing w a tampon in. lmao

    Answer by mandielynn23 at 11:11 PM on Jun. 23, 2011

  • There are many different things you can do but you have to do a lot of the laboring at home so that you can do what you need to and get into the positions that will help you control the pain. I would contact a local birthing center or doula and ask some questions to get some of the really important answers.

    Answer by coala at 11:10 PM on Jun. 23, 2011

  • two things you can try are walking 2-3 miles a day for the rest of your pregnancy, and taking a class in meditation. The walk will help you be more fit and strong for the labor, also may give you a much easier labor. The meditation is really what the breathing is all about. It's supposed to help you refocus the pain, so it doesn't hurt as much. Good luck with that! I had two C-sections, then three VBACs. At first I felt like a failure, because my DH and I went through the natural childbirth classes, and then we couldn't do it. I felt less of a woman somehow (dumb, I know, but feelings aren't always smart). Then when I had my first natural childbirth, I wasn't overwhelmed with this sense of awe and beauty like they write about in books. I just felt tired, dirty, and well, tired. Oh, yeah. I had a beautiful healthy baby girl, too.

    Answer by LoreleiSieja at 11:34 PM on Jun. 23, 2011

  • Every time I would start talking about labour, his eyes would glaze over!

    I always loved the "double-hip squeeze." (This means work for your husband.) He gets behind you, places his hands open-palm on your upper buttocks during a contraction and squeezes (pushes) his hands together really hard. This causes counter-pressure and relieved much of the pain!

    Also: "One breath in through the nose and three small breaths out through the mouth." (Like this: Sniff-whff-whff-whff!) Get into a rhythm of breathing like that and use a variety of vowel sounds. Ex: Sniff-oh-oh-oh for a while, then change to Sniff-ah-ah-ah for a while, then change to Sniff-ooh-ooh-ooh! This got me through the hardest times, although in the hardest part it kinda came out like baahing like a sheep (LOL)! (Tip: See yourself as "exhaling tension.")

    Hot water bottles and sitting on a ring-shaped pillow (while straddling a chair).

    Answer by ablessedlife at 11:52 PM on Jun. 23, 2011