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MIL is telling everyone that my son almost died today ...

I love my MIL, but sometimes she acts so crazy I just cant take it....

Today she brought my kids over some of those slushies ( she made herself) .. the kids were eating them and MIl and I were standing about 7 feet away from them and i was showing her something, all of a sudden my son starts crying, comes over pulling on my pant leg and saying "choke" ... he was joking on a piece of ice that wasnt all the way 'slushied" ....

Now I was actually proud of myself the way I handled it, I am a very nervous mom and even though of something like this happening can throw me into a panic attack.... but i stayed calm, realized that he was not only crying but talking, and although i knew he did have a piece of ice stuck i could tell he was still able to breathe... I picked him up, checked his mouth ( to see if I could see it), patted him on the back and in a few seconds the ice was gone .. a mintue later my son was back to playing...
My MIL left soon after that and within the hour EVERYONE was calling to see if I took him to the ER, if he was ok, etc... i told everyone what had happened and that he was ok.

Then a little bit ago MIL calls to check on him and says " you know we almost lost him today, he was grabbing your leg and he was going down, i could tell he wasnt breathing at all" ... I said, he was talking and crying, he was able to breathe.

She called FIL to tell him to come over asap because there was an emergency, she kept trying to grab him from me ( when i was checking his throat) , and then she told my 4 year old daughter " you almost lost your brother " .... it drives me crazy and she does this ALL THE TIME !!!!

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:39 PM on Jun. 24, 2011 in Relationships

Answers (14)
  • Okay. I am so sorry, but I am totally laughing. I have persoanlities like that in the family, too. What can you do? The good thing is that everyone your MIL talks to probably knows that she never lets the truth get in the way of a good story, so even if they call you, they know it may be an exaggeration.

    Sorry mama :)

    Answer by ImaginationMama at 10:43 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Tell her if he could say the word "choke" then he wasn't dying and to stop exaggerating.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:44 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Obviously it could have turned into something worse, but it didn't. You really should tell her not to make a bigger deal out of these things. Getting people alarmed unnecessarily isn't nice.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:46 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • MILs...gotta love them ;)

    Answer by MommyH2 at 10:50 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Wow, what an awful thing to do. My mother is a bit like that too, and it makes me crazy. But what can you do? As the above said, people who know her already know what she's like and probably just felt they had to check. My Mom does it to get attention. So stupid. It's a matter of cry wolf because you know one day when something that's actually bad does happen, people won't take her seriously.

    Answer by judimary at 10:51 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • I'd be a b**** and come back with something like "well it would have been your fault huh since you gave him what he choked on!".

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:54 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Im with imaginationmama.. I couldnt help but laugh because I definitely have personalites like this in my family.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:56 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • She really shouldn't alarm the kids that way. Tell her to get a grip on reality around your kids!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:00 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Is this a joke? If not, that's ridiculous, lol. Sounds like someone (you MIL) may be a TAD dramatic!

    Answer by LovingSAHMommy at 11:04 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • Who is voting everyone down? Is your MIL on here? LOL!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:07 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

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