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Can I start my 10 month old DS on cows milk?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:50 PM on Jun. 24, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (13)
  • I wish there was a straight up yes or no answer, but there's not.

    It's not recommended. the reason is because at this age he still needs the nutrients in breastmilk or formula, and replacing even a little of that with cow's milk can cause harm, since cow's milk doesn't have as many or the right kind of nutrients. Also, a lot of babies don't tolerate cow's milk very well at this age.

    I know it's hard to wait. But he will only be a baby for so long... I'd just try to cherish him and be patient and wait the 2 months.

    Answer by Ati_13 at 11:55 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • You can, but you need to start her with a little bit at a time. Like add a little bit to her formula every bottle. Like if shes drinking 8 oz bottles give her 2 ounces of cows milk to her 6oz of formula. This will get her belly used to it so your not doing it all at once when she turns a year. Also keep an eye on her to make sure she doesnt have an allery or isnt lactoce intollerant.

    Answer by Amberlovesher3 at 11:55 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • I asked the same question , A couple days ago , I have a 10 mo old , as well , anyway , Most of my answers said not to , But I talked to my Sons , Doctor . and She said it was fine . So I mix half Milk and half formula in a sippy cup , and give it to him Once , a day . By 11 months , He will probably take a couple ounces or so , of whole milk in his sippy cup a few times a day , I plan on taking him off formula , by 12 months , Hope i helped (: Good luck .

    Answer by des11987 at 11:57 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • NO. wait until 12 months. they say it for a reason. you have 2 months left ....

    Answer by PURPULbutterfly at 11:57 PM on Jun. 24, 2011

  • i was told at 1 year for that an give them little by little untill its the bottle u would usally give them. an the same with eggs an chocolate an peanut butter is age 2.

    Answer by BOOKER123ABC at 12:00 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

  • Like Des11987, our doctor instructed us to start at 10 months with very small portions. We gradually increased the amount of milk every two weeks until 12 months.

    BUT this is something you should really talk to your doctor about. Every single mom will have a different opinion. Your doctor is the best one to advise you on something like this.

    Answer by marybeth927 at 12:02 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

  • i wouldnt it coud hurt his tummy

    Answer by msmamakatie at 12:24 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

  • It much depends on if there's a family history of allergies, and why are you in a rush to introduce cow's milk? My older daughter was "failing to thrive" on breastmilk and refused formula so I started her on cows milk although she was only like 3 months old, but she was starving to death, well below the 1st %ile and getting further below at every weekly visit to the clinic. I gave her mashed ripe banana too, at that age. I believe it saved her life. She's now a very healthy, smart, cute 16 year old. So use your Mommy instincts, but especially if there's a family history of lactose intolerance or other allergies, you should consider waiting until 12 months.

    Answer by judimary at 12:28 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

  • ask his doctor. my boys doctor told us to start weening onto cows milk at when we saw him at 11 1/2 months. it could be different for other kids so I would ask his doctor

    Answer by ElsaSalsaaa at 12:44 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

  • I would wait until 1 yr. old but you can ask the babies dr.

    Answer by horsesteelers at 12:53 AM on Jun. 25, 2011

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