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Just a night terror or something else?

Normally when I have a bad dream I can take the components of the dream and make some kind if sense of the whole thing, but the one I had Sunday was so disturbing, emotionally, that I sobbed for 15 minutes after DH woke me.
Here's the dream; someone who's more educated about dreams help me out please.

DH & I were touring a house, we had lots of loved ones with us. The feeling was one of goodness, happiness and up beat laughter. Suddenly I became blind & everyone knew it, but no one would stop what they were doing. The tour continued and their emotions were still happy- my mother was there and she had her arm around me ushering me to continue. Then I became unsteady & felt like I was walking on the side of a hill- still blind.
Someone noticed that I was blind and tried to get me to look at DH: I could see the chair he was supposed to be sitting in but I couldn't see him ( like he was invisible). I got very upset that I couldn't see him. And I kept asking for someone to get a doctor.
Then DH & I were in a room alone (it felt like an exam room). Suddenly I could see DH from the chest down but couldn't see his face. Even still I was so happy to be seeing him ( with my mouth open and inhaling largely out of relief) . Then DH took me outside; I was sitting on the ground still unable to walk but I could see him. He gestured for me to wait a second and he went inside then reappeared with a bottle of liquid medicine( the pretense was that he thought this might help me) I'm looking up at him in love and relieved.
As he's opening the bottle he looks up (beyond me) with an "ah ha" expression, in one motion he pours out the medicine and nods to a passing car.
(and here's where Everthing changed)
This passing car pulled off into the driveway and DH started for the car inas tho he was excited(again the premise was that HERE was the real medicine and he was going to fetch it for me.
He approached this car and I could barely make out 3 men in the car; they motion for him to get in, I motion for him to not- he gets in the car. As it's pulling away one of the men look at me out the back window with this evil sneer. Suddenly I know DH has done the wrong thing and he's in danger.
The car disappears around a corner and I panic. Now everyone is back - and very worried about DH. I get in a car w one of our friends and we speed down this road after the car only to find that the road dead ends. On the way back we see a second road that leads to a huge city with hundreds of interchanges and I realize that now we have no way of knowing such way these men with DH .
I start screaming, panicked, crying, screaming his name, screaming for some to call the police. Screaming his name over and over.

DH woke me up; he said I was alternating between screaming his name out loud & screaming "call crime".

I cried for 15 minutes after he woke me up and held him so tight - he just held me and kept kissing my forehead, stroking my hair and telling me it was a dream. Thru the day I would tear up just thinking about it.

So anyone got any thoughts on this?

Just stress?
Then he & I were in a room alone

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:21 AM on Jun. 27, 2011 in Health

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  • Dreams are amazing I'm not a doctor or anything but my mom says if u are worrying about something ur dreams lead that way. Like my husband races cars I worry he may be in a crash and I have dreams befor he races that he dies. U may be worrying about him for some reason un known. Also my mom has had dreams that i was gonna be kid napped and told me about it and so i worried and maybe thats why i didnt get kid napped u never know. Hope that helps a little. :)

    Answer by Daisysjewels at 1:35 PM on Jun. 27, 2011

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