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How can i naturally get Ear infection pain relief for my 12 year old???

My 12 year old daughter has a double ear infection and one ear u can barely touch the ear..she is on arithromyicin and has the numbing drops but we have been using them and barely any relief. I hate to keep giving her pain meeds. Along with this, her nose is really congested,ears plugged,hears some ringing and water in the ears. anyone have any natural and safe pain and congestion relief advice????

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Asked by Dee425 at 2:55 PM on Jun. 28, 2011 in Health

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  • Have her lay on a heating pad - worst ear down. Or run a hair dryer on hot heat but low air flow at her ears.

    Answer by twinsplus2more at 2:56 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • ear wicks...

    Answer by girlglow6 at 2:57 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • hot or warm washrag on the ears...i have frequent ear infections (due to my hearing loss) and they are very painful. or use a heating pad...if you dont have one you can make one with a bag of beans and a sock and heat it up in the microwave. hope this helps!!

    Answer by YerMami24 at 2:57 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • not really....alcohol or vinegar can help ease the pain while it's in the ear...but most Dr.'s suggest not putting anything in the ear besides drops. I would alternate between Tylenol & Advil. Now that she is on an antibiotic, the pain will be gone in just a few days if not tomorrow.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 2:57 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • for congestion, use vicks vapor rub...always works like a charm...

    Answer by samurai_chica at 2:58 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • hot compresses don't work for me, i wish they did....i get swimmers ear all the time...

    Answer by samurai_chica at 2:59 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • For the ear, garlic juice. It smells lol BUT it has been known to help with the pain and also helps fight the infection. My mom would use it on us kids when we would get ear infections. You can buy it in the health food stores possibly Wallgreen or similar. It would be in the vitamin/herb section and comes with an eye dropper. You just drop some in and put a cotton ball in the ear so it doesn't come out.

    Also, sounds like she might have a sinus infection as well. I highly recommend the Netti pot which can be found anywhere. Target, Walmart, Wallgreen. It will be in the cold medicine section. It might even help with the ear pain as well. Sinus infections can cause ears to hurt.

    I hope this helps.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:00 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • Clove oil is supposed to be good, too. Warm compresses are good, and relieve some pressure. Hope she feels better soon!

    Answer by musicpisces at 3:00 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • heating pad, sweet oil and tylenol... My 11 yo daughter went through this 2 weeks a go and the 2 ear drops (1 for pain) and antibiotics werent helping the pain at all!! I feel your pain. She is in excruciating pain and you feel helpless. My daughters pain lasted a week so I hope your daughter feels better soon

    Answer by SWEETPEAS3MOM at 3:06 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

  • can also- carefully, if the fluid is severe, you can take a baby nose sucker and a few drops of olive oil and suck out the fluid in the ears..

    Answer by girlglow6 at 3:22 PM on Jun. 28, 2011

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