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How do I get my 3 yr old son to talk in sentences..

He is 3 yr old and the only words he can say is "Hi" Buh-bye" "Pizza "Popeye" "Bath "Baby' "Wow""Cheese" "Peas"


Asked by mrsfarris at 8:19 PM on Jul. 12, 2008 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (8)
  • Hi,

    I'm an elocution teacher and I always suggest  to parents that they find a picture, which could be of anything. In this example I'll imagine you have a photo of a dog. Ask the child how many ears the dog has, if the child answers two, say 'yes that's right the dog has two ears'. Always repeat the answer in a sentence. If the child doesn't appear to know the answer don't put any pressure on them just answer for them and ask another question. Try asking what colour the dog is. You can do this when you're out and about, asking about the colours of cars, front doors, how many windows a particular house has etc. Always repeat the answer in a sentence and give the child plenty of praise when they answer in a sentence.


    Answer by minialice at 8:06 AM on Jul. 17, 2008

  • I've found that reading lots of books and explaining everything to my daughter, who's also 3, helps. I don't use baby talk with her, or even with my youngest who is almost 1 year. Just talking about what you're doing while it's happening, along with reading to him can help things along.

    If you already do those things, then you may want to consult a speech/language pathologist. My mother works in this field and has for more than 20 years. Usually by 3 kids should be using short sentences.

    Answer by algolden05 at 8:49 PM on Jul. 12, 2008

  • If you are concerned about his speech, contact your local school district. They can do an evaluation to see if it is a real delay and if he needs therapy to help him catch up.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:14 PM on Jul. 12, 2008

  • you can try speech therapy

    Answer by camtri3 at 12:33 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • My son is 2 and I just found out that he has communication problems... he doesn't form 2 or 3 word sentences... You may want to look into this. It might also be that he just doesn't want to and is developing when he is ready... make him repeat what you say, read to him often and have him try to repeat the actions or things you're saying tohim

    Answer by bubblycute at 2:39 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • Encourage him to talk. Praise him when he does... Kids love praise....

    Answer by luv2bmomandwife at 3:17 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • good luck! my 5 year old is just barly getting the whole sentense thing down. my 3 year old still refers to herself as a third person.

    Answer by Flutterby23 at 10:49 PM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • My 3 year old is now talking in short sentences, but when she was two she was barely speeking at all and I took her to speech therapy and she went for about 3 months with no signs of improvementduring the time we were going. THe therapist said she felt my daughter just didn't have anything to say. After that I pulled her out. Since then she had been making steady improvement on her own. It has taken a little longer and there are still times when she says things that I don't understand but for the most part she has really advanced from where she was. I think that they just talk when they are ready and the more we try to force them to talk faster the longer they are going to take.

    Answer by noelle25 at 1:20 PM on Jul. 14, 2008