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My son is 16 mon and he still aint on a scadule at going to bed sometimes its 4;00 in the morning before he will finally scream his self to sleep I have tried everything can anyone help me

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Asked by desiraee20 at 7:25 PM on Dec. 15, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • You are welcome to join us at Common Sense Parenting here at Cafemom Groups. :) We talk about these kinds of situations and how to build happy babies and happy families. :)

    Answer by lifeasinoit at 7:28 PM on Dec. 15, 2008

  • every night start a routine like first dinner then bath time then a story or his fav song and then tuck him in and turn out the lights and say goodnight I love you then set your egg timer to five min after five min if he is still crying go in there and soothe him and tuck him back in then set the timer to 10 min then go in and soothe him again then set it to 15 and keep doing the process until you get to 30min and then start it all over again this may take up to two weeks if he is vey strong willed and stubborn but as long as you keep the same routine dinner at this time bath at this time story at this time bed at this time and then do the egg timer eventually he will take the hint

    Answer by one_white_rose at 7:29 PM on Dec. 15, 2008

  • yep, white rose that is whati had to do with my first. the timer... because 5, 10 ,15 min of screaming baby seems like hours adn hours. they do learn it, but you must be consistent.

    Answer by kelinnh at 7:50 PM on Dec. 15, 2008

  • Have you seen Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth? It's a great book and it helped us help our twins to become great nappers and sleep through the night.

    As one white rose said, you need to establish a night time routine: dinner followed by a bath, a nice rub down with lotion, clean pjs, and quiet time with the family. Then a few minutes before bed, let him know that's what's going to happen. With our twins at 7 we say "ok, time to brush your teeth and get in bed". We brush teeth and then they get into their cribs and I read to them. Then I give hugs and kisses, put their white noise on, turn out the lights and close the door.
    Consistency is key. Whatever you decide for your night time routine stick with it.

    Answer by twinclubmom at 7:53 PM on Dec. 15, 2008

  • Why is he going to sleep at 4am?
    What is your day time schedule like? Is he napping? How late?

    My kids don't go to bed until 11pm, but we don't get up until 11am, and that works perfect for our family.. I don't believe babies have to go to bed before the parents do, but some sort of consistent routine throughout the day and night is certainly helpful.

    Answer by Liyoness at 8:42 PM on Dec. 15, 2008

  • my son did that for about 5months of not sleeping at all at night and bearly getting a wink in during the day and the peds dr said that DS was so tired his body couldnt shut he suggested giving him benadryl an hour before bed time for a week and then seeing how he by no means suggesting druging your kids is ok but sometimes its the only thing that helps the body adjust to proper sleep we dont have to use it at all and he sleeps just bed by 9pm and up by 8am no to your PEDS dr and see what they suggest...good luck

    Answer by connorsmom22607 at 12:04 PM on Dec. 16, 2008

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