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400 comments 141 White House staffers make six figures

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- One out of every three White House employees makes at least $100,000 a year, according to data released by the White House on Friday.

Top earners pull down a salary of $172,200 a year, while three employees have a salary of $0. Most staffers fall somewhere in the middle.

The average salary is $81,765 a year, while the median employee salary is $70,000. The lowest full time salary is $41,000 a year.

The list is a little top heavy, with 21 sharing the title of top earner. But the names at the top are among the most recognizable the White House has to offer.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney makes $172,200, as does counterterrorism adviser John Brennan, speechwriter Jon Favreau, adviser David Plouffe and Chief of Staff Bill Daley.

While that's well above the national average, White House staffers often command far more lucrative salaries in the private sector -- and some gave them up to work for Obama.

No wonder this nation is broke!!!!


Asked by mrssundin at 5:06 PM on Jul. 2, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (17)
  • We're in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars and you think THIS is where the problem is at?

    I don't think that's the point here. It is after all the rich who Obama is demonizing. Not to mention these idiots don't deserve to be paid a 6 figure salary. If you functioned as they do in Washington out here in the real world, you'd have been out of a job a long time ago.

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 2:54 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • No wonder they want military cuts ... considering how little any of them have done, they should all be 'cut' and tossed out the nearest door. None of them are more than glorified secretaries and/or pr people, gofers, and flunkies. Do the same in every gov't. office all the way down to hicktown mayors, and maybe the budget AND our gov't. would straighten up.

    Answer by Farmlady09 at 5:24 PM on Jul. 2, 2011

  • The examples of the exorbitant salaries for the incompetents in the WH are just another example of the "do as I say, not as I do crowd". They reward those they favor and punish the others. Typical progressive liberal hypocrisy. The ten years of wars minnie spoke of account for less than 6% of the expenditures over the last ten years. A fact that is not convenient for her to state because it sounds better to spout the Huff Po drivel that she digests.

    Answer by annabarred at 9:10 PM on Jul. 2, 2011

  • Well, it's a little more complicate than that....The big corporations are in the government pockets too. The corporations are squashing the little guys that keep this economy going like privately owned businesses, local growers, etc. Watch a little documentary called the 1% I would also suggest researching genetically engineered food and patents on seeds. The rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.....Not to mention this housing situation and liar loans of the 90's....Things need to change in this country definitely cuz we are headed for the second depression.

    Answer by lowencope at 5:17 PM on Jul. 2, 2011

  • It's a lot better for someone to be honest with you then being fake

    Of course, but if you want tto be taken seriously, you have to respectfully make your point. Otherwise, you are disregarded as you would be in any social situation. Politeness always rules.

    Answer by annabarred at 12:11 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • They have seen to it that they are all well overpaid, imo...

    Answer by agentwanda at 1:59 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • They have seen to it that they are all well overpaid, imo...


    Actually, if you read the article you'll see that many of those making the top salaries took pay cuts to work for the federal government. They were making more in the private sector. Technically, they're underpaid for what they're doing.

    Answer by miss_lisa at 2:24 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • A white house employee's salary is not the reason we're broke. The reason we're broke is because there hasn't been anyone smart enough (IN Congress OR the White House) to pull us out of this shit hole!

    Answer by Imogine at 4:01 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • If you functioned as they do in Washington out here in the real world, you'd have been out of a job a long time ago.


    I actually agree with that.

    Answer by Imogine at 4:03 AM on Jul. 3, 2011

  • yeah, it is ALL THEIR FAULT. It isn't the War that has lasted 10 years...costing billions of dollars. Its not the fact that WAll Street has screwed everyone out of billions....nahhhhh, it is all because of some White House employees. Uh huh.
    You really think that is why our nation is broke?

    Why is it when you get on here you just have to be such a bitch???? you cant just answer the question with out having such a bitchy attitude??? every thing adds up but i guess you dont understand that!!!!!

    Comment by mrssundin (original poster) at 5:28 PM on Jul. 2, 2011