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Dog sitting...ugggh. Pee's outta control.

We limit our kids drinks b4 bedtime, assuming dogs are okay to limit too. She has had plenty of water today, so I'm sure she's fine. Now I'm hoping the pee comes up okay. I've googled it & hoping the 3 step solution works (water/vinegar, baking soda & then hydro-peroxide & dish soap). My floor looks like a mess right now. I was cleaning & getting ready to vaccume the 1st 2 spots & she sat & pissed right next to me (like 5 inches). I had taken her out like an hr b4 & she gave me no signs (whine, etc) that she had to go again.

Have any of you tried this method of clean up? If so, did it work or do you have a better home solution? If she wasn't such a sweet dog I would have her stay outside.


Asked by Jesstsilly at 2:06 AM on Jul. 13, 2008 in Pets

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Answers (5)
  • I dread watching dog's & kid's not that I don't love them both But I hate the mess. She is just marking her spot, the best thing to use is dishwasher soap like cascade or cheap brand, just mix 1/2 soap with 1/2 water ,soak stain, scrub with towel then press dry

    Answer by bunco at 2:29 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • I've used only one product that I can say for sure worked.. and it works on just about everything.. I bought it at the janitorial store... I originally bought it to remove odor from wet carpeting... I can't remember the name though.. If I think of it I'll let ya know.. otherwise call you local janitorial place and ask for the good stuff that removes all odors.. It's in a gallon and you dilute with water in a spray bottle...

    Answer by pupmom at 2:17 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • hydrogen peroxide diluted works well. Dogs usually respond with firm repremands and immediately placing them outside - puppies need to go out every 20 minutes (yes, I know it's demanding but worth it and it's only for a few months - they're babies too and need to learn) it's a round the clock demand.

    I won't have another puppy! They're as much work as positive, reinforce the right area to 'go' and good luck - invest in hydrogen peroxide and new carpet after the potty training is done!

    Answer by KatKallingMom at 5:38 AM on Jul. 13, 2008

  • Use a cleaner that contains enzymes. It removes the smell so she isn't tempted to go there again. I would have her checked for a uti. Its common in little girls. If I understood the question, she isn't your dog, right? She has no clue how to let you know in a strange place. I would take her out every half hour and let her try to go. If she does, give her a treat while you're still outside. If she doesn't go, I would restrict her to an area with a hard floor with baby gates or whatever if you can. Then try again another half hour later. Keeping her on the hard floor makes cleanup easier for you, and taking her out often sets her up to succeed.

    Answer by aussiegirl3 at 9:23 AM on Jul. 14, 2008

  • i pull up the water and food at 8pm cause i dont want to be woken up in the middle of the night to let them out - they will be fine i have done it for years!

    Answer by vakatia at 7:04 PM on Jul. 14, 2008