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Last in line

My daughter standing last or near the last in line whenever or wherever this line happening. Examples - in show in Disneyland; In summer camp; In summer school or in usual school as well. On birthdays she always the last to get a cake or a goodie bag.

It was not like this even a year ago. I think it started as result of her first grade teacher twice physically putting her at the end of the line at school. We had a lot of concerns with this teacher- not letting her to read at her level, giving her worse books possible (oldest, ripped) and more. Even though now it is over,I blame strongly this teacher, my daughter just tells that this is easier this way and she prefer to wait.

But it hurt me so much to watch how she just letting all people who came later than her in anyway ;-(.

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Asked by ganna04 at 8:12 AM on Jul. 5, 2011 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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  • Why would that teacher do that to her?

    Answer by MommaB30 at 8:35 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • Well, regarding the issue with the teacher: did you talk to the principal? I remember having a couple of teachers in high school that did me that way - of course by that time, I was old enough to speak up for myself...there were some residual feelings of not being good enough but it didn't last long. If she prefers to wait then I think that's alright - she's growing and changing everyday anyway. Next year she may end up being gregarious and outgoing. I also think that you shouldn't worry too much about it. At least not at this young age. Just keep watch this coming year and see how it goes - good luck! I hope this helped somewhat....

    Answer by BryRon at 8:42 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • The teacher is whole separate story, yes, I went to principal 7 times, but he could not/did not want to do much about the issue, the teacher is tenured and he cannot fire her, so his solution is offer families to live. Yes, I hope for better teacher next year. I don't know why the teacher did it to her, i just do know that this is indeed the feeling of not being worth enough, that six years old could not cope...

    Comment by ganna04 (original poster) at 8:46 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • Most schools do an ABC order line - our last name starts with W so you can imagine our kids were always last in line at school. For them it's not a big deal, and sometimes it is just easier to wait. I wouldn't worry about it too much, just help your daughter feel special - and to see that everyone is special in their own way.

    Answer by scout_mom at 9:17 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • This is going to come off harsh, but the minute I read the post without looking at who wrote it, I knew. Every post from you is about how your daughter is not being treated right. I really think for her mental health and yours as well, you need to find a NEW hobby. It's ridiculous! Just because a teacher puts someone at the end of the line it doesn't mean they don't like them. As a poster said it could be alphabet. Did you ever think that maybe the most mature kids go to the back, because they are able to wait the longest (which is a complement). Your daughter maybe likes the back of the line, because she isn't sandwiched between people. There are all sorts of reasons. Stop over-analyzing every little thing with the poor girl.

    Answer by mjande4 at 9:32 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • Tell her to stand up for herself, and not let people infront of her that came later!

    Answer by minimo77 at 9:51 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • This was not an alphabet. She is the youngest in her class and not the maturest child.The point is as mjande4 said is that she can not and would not stand for herself. I don't over analyze, this is not only me, my husband feels the same way, it was not like this at all before. Her teacher was a mess, no kidding.

    Comment by ganna04 (original poster) at 9:58 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • So she's the youngest AND immature!? How is that the teacher's fault!? Newsflash, that's YOUR fault! And yes you do over analyze. If it's not about school, it's about your daughter's music lessons and/or teacher, or about a playmate that did not go as long as you thought it should or others were infringing on your daughter's time. You seem EXTREMELY insecure about where you live and who you are. As I said earlier I know it sounds harsh, but if I was the school, or a neighbor, or the mother if one of your child's friends. I would not hang out with you.

    Answer by mjande4 at 10:07 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • Beyond you being harsh, it your choice to hang out with me or not, even here. Being youngest in class, well... in a way it is my fault. And the point is that I do not want her to be pushover or door mat.

    Saying that, you are right, the community we are in makes me very insecure about life chances for my daughter and other children of her origin. Not many stick around.

    Comment by ganna04 (original poster) at 10:24 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

  • You are right it is my choice to hang out with you and what I am saying is because you come across so neurotic, people in your community probably don't want to hang out with you either. You probably are a very nice person and you obviously care about your daughter a lot, but your constant insecurities and over analyzing of EVERY situation make you very annoying. My guess is that if you are coming across that way on line, you are coming across that way in person and it's NOT helping your daughter. Take a step back, find other interests outside of your daughter for you, and accept who you are and where you are and you and she will be much happier.

    Answer by mjande4 at 10:27 AM on Jul. 5, 2011

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