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Custody battle

So back in June 2009, my boyfriend at the time well we were together for a total of 9 months! As you can guess we broke up and everything...we were thinking about getting back together in September but he decided to go to a 15 year old girl which at the time he was 20! Well i wasn't going to talk to him for a while but I found out that I was 20 weeks pregnant in October 2009! Yes we were being careful...I was on the pill and wasn't expecting to have a baby. Well I told him that I was pregnant and for a while things went really well...he was going to all the OB appointments and was even there when our son was born! So i didn't think things would change all that much but they did...big time!

Our son was 9 weeks premature so I spent every single day in the NICU but as for the baby daddy he spent only every friday and only a couple of hours!!! As time passed we got to briing our son home and to be honest things got worse and they havn't gotten better. He cancels out on our son's visits, spends more time with his woman, plays ps3 all day, has no job, is on probation, and only sees him every couple of months! He is supposed to pay child support but hasn't payed anything as of yet...I have talked to him about that he needs to spend more time with our boy...that he doesn't buy him anything to help out, that he needs to meet me half way to help with the gas, and stop canceling out on him, but it has gone through one ear and out the other and I even told him if things don't get better I'll go for full custody!!

That talk was about 6 months ago and there has been no has gotten a lot worse and my son has called my boyfriend dada and daddy and that just tells me right there that he doesn't even know who his real father is...I showed him a picture of his father and he had no idea who the guy was...he saw me in the picture and said ma ma but nothing else! Not to mentioon he's dating his other baby momma who I really don't trust with my son...I am not sure if I want my son going over to his house with her there..she threatened me when I was pregnant with my son and it was to kill my boy...and there's so much drama that goes over there...I just don't think it's a good place for my son to go can I prepare myself for this custody battle?

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:45 AM on Jul. 6, 2011 in General Parenting

Answers (2)
  • I just wonder after reading this, how much of a battle your really going to have? He doesn't appear to care very much, which is sad and his loss! It's also not going to look good , that he doesn't support or see his son. If I were you, I would document how much he has paid and how often he has seen him. It's obvious he is not responsible nor does he want the responsibility! Just another DEAD BEAT DAD! I know all about that!, my father is one and so is my daughter's, you can't change who they are!


    Answer by anichols1 at 6:35 AM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • Why are you worried about custody, if he's not doing anything? Do you have the money for a lawyer, court cost and all? Just keep doctumentation of everything missed visits, threats, etc. In case you need if later for a court battle.
    Do you have a court order for child support? Is he listed as the father? That stuff needs to be done.

    Answer by SassySue123 at 6:35 AM on Jul. 6, 2011

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