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Would you care about offending anyone?

I was kicked out of the pharmacy tech program last quarter cause of my religion. Im pagan, my adviser is very strong christian. I was open about who i was to classmates, I have nothing to hide. the adviser had over heard us talking about religion one day in the commons room, it was some classmates had questions about my beliefs since they werent familiar. I raised hell with the dean at the college and at the time it seemed to go no where. I got my diploma and transcripts a couple of weeks ago and saying i passed last quarter with a B, assuming since that was my GPA the first 3 quarters. one classmate that i talked to on a regular basis asked why i had not posted a pic of my diploma on fb since i posted the national certificate and state license. i told her i didnt want to piss ppl off for gettin my diploma even though i didnt finish last quarter. while i think its fair since the hell that i went through when i got kicked out. my adviser was not professional in any way whats so ever.
would you post it anyways or just leave it be?


Asked by Anonymous at 10:21 PM on Jul. 6, 2011 in Just for Fun

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Answers (10)
  • That's a hard one. I think that I wouldn't as to not rock the boat. They were completely wrong to kick you out, though! I am so sorry that happened to you.

    Answer by ImaginationMama at 10:25 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • gee personally i wouldn't give that much thought on to what i post on fb....

    Answer by princessbeth79 at 10:28 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • Where did it say you were kicked out due to your religion? Why are you discussing your religion at school anyway? I'm sorry but it really sounds like there is more to this. I just don't buy that you got kicked out over that. Can you prove it? Why aren't you suing? If I did all the work to graduate and you didn't, that would bother me. But do what you want.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 10:31 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • I would like to add that it was very UNchristlike for this person to do what she did to you. Which is often how most so called christains are.

    I am an atheist. Most of my close friends and co workers know this. I get alot of genuine questions as to why I chose this path. People are allowed to talk about their beliefs or non beliefs without fear of backlash!

    Answer by I_luv_Vera at 11:05 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • *** while i think its fair I know some who wont think it is

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:23 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • I know it was that because when I called clinical sites in another town they said no i could not work there cause of conflict of interest and that my adviser told them i was pagan. I went to one class and when i logged on that night to do the assignments posted i could not get on. I called the school asking and they said that my adviser had me removed from the program, and had told another student that she didnt like anyone who wasnt christian. I was a straight B student, only missed class twice through the whole program since kids were sick. i was early to all my classes. I didnt cause problems in class or with anyone in class. The one site i had for clinicals the adviser pulled me the night before i was suppose to start. I went in myself and talked to the owner verse having my adviser talk to him and he gave me the hours. continued

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:38 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • she had called and said that she thought i would do better else where, not realizing that I had known the owner many years and used to "work" with him when i worked hospice, he would come in and in-service med aides and RNs on new meds. even after all this is said and done he said when he has a job opening come open that he would hire me part time. The adviser said he didnt want me there for clinicals. why would someone offer you a job but not allow you to do clinicals there? and from there i got shot down after every pharmacy i contacted, that she talked to first and told them i was pagan, and then she pulls me from the program... i tried to file lawsuit and my state doesnt have very good laws when it comes to discrimination

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 10:43 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • I'm pretty sure this is a violation of your civil rights to be removed from the program based on your religious beliefs- I'd contact the American Civil Liberties Union!

    Answer by PartyGalAnne at 10:46 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • How can someone LEGALLY use religion as a conflict of interest? She wouldn't have a job. And if she kept you from getting a job that's illegal too. Once again, can you prove this? Can you prove she called them? Everything you say is hearsay.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 10:47 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

  • The constitution guarntees us freedom of religion. IF it wasn't a christian based school that stated in the handbook you have to be of a christian based faith, they violated your civil rights, and to black ball you from clinical sites is also illegal. You have a lawsuit!

    Answer by I_luv_Vera at 11:04 PM on Jul. 6, 2011

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