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What little things does your DH/BF do that really drives you nuts?

Every time we go to a restaurant, be it a sit-down restaurant or if we're at the drive-thru of Sonic or somewhere, he NEVER knows what he's going to order!!! He'll sit there and look at the menu for a minute in a restaurant, put it down, and when the waitress comes over, she has to wait on him to figure out what he wants!?! I get so frustrated! .. and, when going to a drive-thru, why even pull up to the speaker if you KNOW you have no clue what you want? He pulls up, the person comes on the speaker, and he stutters around for a good minute or so before he figures out what he wants. Gah, it drives me crazy! lol

He also pulls the ice-tray forward in the freezer to get the ice out, but never pushes it back in place... Sooooo, all of the ice falls back behind the tray & down into the rest of the freezer. I mean, really, how hard is it to push that thing back?! Gah, so annoyed at this moment! lol

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:22 AM on Dec. 17, 2008 in Relationships

Answers (5)
  • Lol, I get really annoyed when my SO acts out in public, he is so childish. Once when we were at Cub he drove the disabled persons cart around and it was slowing me down and embarassing me and also very annoying. I could probably list a number of things he does that annoy me.
    -He thinks the dumbest things are funny.
    -He is a bed hog.
    -He is always trying to rush me when he wants to go some where.
    and trust me this list goes on but I love him.

    Answer by Lizzie32390 at 10:31 AM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • hahaha sounds like my brother!! anyways hmmm well since my bf is far away we talk on the phone and he gets loud with me. not yelling but hes loud and it scares me sometimes lol cuz i think hes mad but hes not.

    Answer by Keeely07 at 10:31 AM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • These days it seems like every single thing my husband does bothers me. THE ABSOLUTE WORST is right after I have swept and mopped and vacuumed the house, he comes in with his sand, dirt (and whatever else) encrusted shoes and tracks shit all over the floor. It drives me insane. I cannot stand the thought of my son walking around with that shit all over his feet. Grrrr.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:47 AM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • mine wants to kiss me and tells me he loves me 100 times per day. i just say thats nice. he doesn't like that.

    Answer by melody77 at 11:14 AM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • OH god where to start!!!
    * He hogs the bed and the covers and insists on having this hot ass space heater in our room!!!
    * He puts his dirty dishes in the clean side of the sink!!
    * If he is in a bad mood everyone should be in one and he takes it out on everyone!!!
    * He is really opinionated and sometimes his opinions are just plain stupid!!
    * He buys his jeans to short
    Well..... thats all i can think of at the moment might repost later with more lol!!

    Answer by scaredmommy08 at 11:17 AM on Dec. 17, 2008

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