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UPDATE!! I called my Doctor! Long But i need encouragment :(( adult content

So i posted about being due August 25th and 2 days ago i lost my plug and woke up to my DS dropped!

2 days ago i was at my moms standing there talking to my mom when i felt a rush of wetness in my underwear! something ive never felt bf, i went to the bathroom and found clear like jelly with no smell like a med size wad, and along with thin white muscus look like stuff just chillin in my panties! I completley freaked! i yelled for my mom to come and she said it looked like my plug was coming out!

Yesterday morning about 6 am i woke up to go pee as usual when i found that i was swollen down stairs and along with my inner thighs, i dont know if this makes sence but i was really puffy down there and poochy, kinda like bulging, and then my baby starting having hiccups and instead of feeling them around my ribs in his usual spot i felt them in my crotch and down low like an echo through my lower half!

Yesterday i was cleaning and i finished up when i felt another rush in my underwear, i remembered that feeling so i ran to the bathroom to discover more!

So after yesterdays things of happening i called my Doctor! I told the nurse what was going on and she imediantly said ill tell the doctor and call you right bk! So i think i waited 10 mins and got a call. My Doctor said he is really suprised this is going so fast and to be super careful, no hard cleaning, and were going to try to keep him in for 3 to 4 more wks when ill be considered full term, but he wouldnt be suprised if i start contracting within this month!

My Concerns!!!!---

When i first got pregnant My first due date with the Health clinic when finding out i was pregnant was Sept 10th, Then i got my OB and she said Mid Sept. no exact date. Then i  switched Doctors and Went to my first ultra sound  They said i measured to be around Late Sept!, Then i went to my 4D ultra sound and its not associated with any of my Doctors, it was a wedding present i got from a family member:)) Then the lady there said he is measuring bigger and it puts my around August 25th!!! UGH so i was just so confused bc a mth difference can be alot on a baby! so i had said to my DH that i was just going to expect him that whole mth of sept! and let him come when he comes, but now.... it looks like the whole process is starting to happen and idk if hes even ready!:(( i just dont know whats going to happen.




okay just got bk to MIL house to sit dog again!:) i went to the ER they sent me straight to L&D. I explained what was going on and also my due date issue! They told me my water has not broke! yay. and i am loosing my plug but its still not gone and ill be loosing it for awhile! but that id know when it was finished bc it would be colored light pink or have some kinda color to it. They said Also im getting a yeast infection and i need to take care of that. Aedyns great! They said bc my plug is coming out and he is for sure dropped that i prolly will have him in a mth or so but there hoping not any earlier then 3 wks to 4, He is perfect and was giving them attitude the whole time! she kept trying to leave the heart beat tracker on him on my tummy and he was throwing fits, kicking that thing off faster then she could put it back on. And she got mad?? lol they werent very nice or patient but just seeing my Aedyn doing okay and hearing him made me feel i accomplished protecting him! They also told me by my measurments to go with Sept 10th as my due date but if i can hold in my little man for a mth he will be pretty much full term and he will be healthy coming out then!

I feel better now that i know! Thankyou ladies for your support and encourgment and lots of opinions:) Pray Aedyn comes when he is suppose to and something like this dosent happen again! NO MORE scares please!! lol

pregnant belly


Asked by amberpowell at 9:14 AM on Jul. 12, 2011 in Pregnancy

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  • It might just be your mucus plug. I know that they can come out and replace itself. I would get an appointment with your doctor to be on the safe side. As long as you are not contracting I don;t think he is coming out right away. Some of the moms said they think your water broke, but I do not think it is that. It is not frequent enough to be your water. If you go to any type in key work of that discharge you can see what the experts on there have to say. These might help you: You can look up more based on your symptoms. Just relax and stay clam, stress is not good for you or the baby. COngrats and Good Luck!

    Answer by gibsongirl017 at 12:13 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • I'd say go into the drs TODAY and demand an ultrasound. It sounds like your water broke. Tell them you're concerned about the amount of fluid left around your baby- this should be a concern. If there is not enough fluid for the baby it could be a problem. Just because your drs office sounds totally clueless doesn't mean that you should sit idly by waiting for them. This is your baby- take control of the situation and don't leave the drs until you are comfortable with what is going on!!

    How many weeks are you measuring at each appointment? Why were you never given a due date?? Sounds kinda odd to me. I hope you go in today and get some of the answers and reassurance you deserve!! Good luck!

    Answer by bloomsr at 9:24 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • I think you need to go in and go in right now, please don't just call, ask them to see you, it sounds like your water may have broken and the baby might be ready to come (thus the swollen private area). You need medical care.

    Answer by kimigogo at 9:21 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Go to Labor and Delievery...sounds like your water broke ! The baby franticly kicking like you described isnt a great sign, maybe there is lack of fluid in there or its got a cord wrapped around the neck and is struggling. Dont want to scare you, but you NEED TO BE SEEN !
    You posted on here for our advice, we are giving you the best advice we know as for the sake of you and your baby listen to all of us and go to LABOR AND DLEIVERY and get checked out. Better safe than sorry !!! Please keep us posted !!!
    We are all really worried about you and the baby. Hugs to both of you !!!

    Answer by Amberlovesher3 at 10:06 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • The dog will be fine. Your BABY is more important than the dog. Your dh needs to give you a ride in now. This is something that you shouldn't wait out and hope for the best- you need to be proactive and get checked. Please keep us posted on what happens.

    Answer by bloomsr at 10:00 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • I don't usually have vaginal checks at each visit, and it is pretty standard to have belly measurements taken at each appointment. However many centimeters you measure is about how many weeks along you are (they cam be off by a few tho). Have you gotten in for an appointment yet? If the drs office says not to come in call labor and delivery tell them your water broke last night and you're coming in. They might just check you and send you home, but at least you'll get some answers:)

    Answer by bloomsr at 9:37 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • You definitely need to be seen ASAP. Talking on the phone does not give the DRs a full picture of what's going on. Call them and demand an appointment for your sake and the baby's....good luck!

    Answer by kmombear at 9:39 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Okay now you are making me very nervous,, my daughter did the same thing crazy kickiing,, please go to the ER. I am very worried.

    Answer by kimigogo at 9:40 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Please go in and see the doc....have them examine you, it sounds like ur water has broken and that doesnt sound too good. GO SEE THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by terasgirl at 9:41 AM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Unless by "Tuesday at 9" you mean in 15 minutes, then yes- a week to wait is too long. You should be on your way in right now, please. We are not trying to freak you out, but this could be a big deal and needs to be evaluated in a hospital setting.

    Answer by bloomsr at 9:44 AM on Jul. 12, 2011