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Neighbor and I had fallen out!

My son was bit by a dog in our backyard we share with my neighbor, we live in a duples and also with a condo complex next door.
I did not know the people with the dog, and she did not either we just meet them when the dog lunged out and bit my son, My neighbor came into my house and started arguing with my father and I saying that, we should do nothing and that calling the police is the wrong course of action, she would not have it because it would cause bad blood for her and the people in the condo complex. I couldn't believe what she was saying, she was blamming me because our dog was on there property and they have a right to come on ours with there dog, in a nutshell she was taking there side and now she had her 7 year old son tell my 4year old son that him and his sister are no longer allowed to play with him. I threw her out of my house when she was ;yelling at us about the neighbors and told her it was none of her right or business to tell us what to do about the situation. Unfortunatley her x-in laws own the property I live in and are probably taking her side, what side is that I don't know. I ended up calling the police and reporting the dog and she is running around telling everybody I made her look bad and I should of never involved the police, she has serious mental issue. Did I do the right thing and what do I do about my son's heart is broken, they all were very close.
20 minutes ago
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I wanted to add that my neighbor and I were really good friends as well and living in a duplex brought us and our kids close, but I feel she sold me out by siding with the people who owned the dog that bit my son and not caring that my son was hurt in the first place, what did my dog have to do with anything anyway and what right did she have to come and even suggest such foolish advice. She needs help and we are looking for a new place to live ASAP, she is making it very uncomfortable for my son and I and leaving him out of things to hurt him, all because I told her to mind her own business and get out of my house,

8 minutes ago

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Asked by kitty853 at 12:22 PM on Jul. 12, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (7)
  • Call the police and do it now the real reason they would not want that is because the dog might have a history of biting or they have been sued for it before.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 12:26 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Well I think your both wrong. Yes you are wrong for having your dog on their property. There are leash laws for a reason. Two dogs were fighting over territory and your child got in the middle. (It doesn't matter if the two dogs had actual physical contact. The presence of your dog is enough to set off the other).

    She was wrong for telling you not to call the police. No matter the situation a biting dog needs to be reported. I hope your son is ok.

    Answer by SalemWitchChild at 12:27 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • i agree with Salem- weird. lol

    hope your son is feeling better! did you talk with your landlords? i'd call them up and explain the situation so they dont hear it from someone else-- or a different version

    Answer by Shy_Dia at 12:33 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • @ Salemwitchchild, I think I didn't explain it well enough my dog was in the house at the time of the bitting, my neighbor was bringing up the past situations of how my dog wondered onto their property, my son was just in his own backyard and the dog was with the people and he lunged out and bit my son!

    Comment by kitty853 (original poster) at 12:39 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • You have every right to protect your child. I had a problem with one of my neighbors complaining about my dogs, saying that they kept running her cats off and chased of the UPS man, which my dogs hadn't done. Neighbors are spread out where I live and my dogs have no reason to go to her house. She called animal control so many time that they stopped coming, blaming my dogs for every little thing that went on around her yard, racoons got into her trash, one of her cats disappeared for a couple of days, she blamed my dogs. Then one day someone broke into her house and my dogs ran him up a tree. Now she can't say enough good things about them. I hope everything works out for you. Maybe you should encourage your child to make new friends. Also, try pointing out to the neighbor that not only is it none of her business but what would she do if it were her child that was hurt.

    Answer by Razzle_Dazzle1 at 12:40 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • I agree with Salem too.

    Answer by pookiekins34 at 12:42 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

  • Some people! What makes them tick huh? You did the right think, you put your child first & that is always the right thing to do. We pay the price for protecting them, but it is worth all of it! Hang in there, you have my thumbs up, good job!

    Answer by 1northwestmom at 1:08 PM on Jul. 12, 2011

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