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Overweight Moms

I was just wondering if any of you thin or just right in weight Moms judge Moms that are overweight. If so, what do you think gives you the right to do so? I am overweight and am constantly judged by it where I live and it drives me nuts!

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Asked by BigSkyHarmony at 4:59 PM on Dec. 17, 2008 in Diet & Fitness

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  • it's funny, when i was skinny i used to judge overwieght people and now that im fat i still do. I think it's a matter of not thinking. it's dumb.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:05 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • I don't I've been there... a customer of mine was showing me her daughters wedding pictures and before I could comment she said I know shes a "big "girl... I was offended because I wasn't even thinking that!


    Answer by jlynrhodes at 5:08 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • I don't say anything about over weight moms. I won't lie though. It does slightly get on my nerves when you complain about your weight but you eat un healthy foods and do not exercise then make up excuses saying exercising does not work. That's ridiculous and I personally can't stand anyone who says that. It's a lazy excuse. I have had over weight friends that I loved to death then I had an intollerable one who I found incredibly annoying because she called herself fat and complained, made up excuses and refused to exercise or quit eating junk and said she didn't know why she couldn't lose weight.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:08 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • i use to be kinda chunky then i lost it and looked at the over weight ppls around me and was like why do these lazy ppls not get off there butt and do something about it and of course i got prego gained weight am bigger then bf but im working on getting back down im not just doing it for me but for my child i want to be healthy and always be here when she needs me

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:09 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • If I were a diabetic and had to take insulin, I would take it. I wouldn't think it was fair, but it's the way life is. Some people stay fat because if skinny people can eat what they want, why can't I! Since I have a tendency to gain a lot of weight, I work out and lose it. Some skinny people are just lucky to have a high metabolism and eat whatever they want. SOME people, like me, have to work hard at being healthy. I am sick of hearing excuses, because I was fat, and now I'm not... and all it took was to stop being lazy and get my eating habits in order. I know what it's like to be judged for being different, but it's not about that. If you are overweight, you are not as healthy as you could be. You are only hurting yourself, and if you want to blame all the skinny people for your misery, you are kidding yourself.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:10 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • Who am I to judge? I have struggled with my own weight issues and I don't feel like I was ever judged (or at least it didn't bother me). Now that I am a healthy weight I am more willing to give overweight people advice only if they ask for it. I think people judge others to make themselves forget about their own flaws. If people were more secure with themselves there would be no use in comparing themselves to others.

    Answer by Colleen801 at 6:51 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • I do judge...I have to admit...only when I see bad eating habits being passed onto children. I just think its unfair.

    I can't help that I judge it just happens.

    BUT after the research and reading that I have done on diets/nutrition/healthy eating...I have realized how much BS there is about it all. I can imagine it must be extremely hard to lose weight when the real facts about nutrition are under a pile of JUNK SCIENCE and people just trying to get your money. It just seems really hard for anyone to truly know what is healthy - its why I have written a book and my own diet program.


    Answer by keyaziz at 6:58 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • I know some nutrition and diet choices are common sense...but some things that are bad for you are really subtle. I have also noticed that many diet programs endorse unhealthy fact most of I am not really surprised people struggle to lose weight. Not to mention there isnt a lot of info on combatting cravings which can be the cause of yo yoing...I have also addressed this issue.

    So yeah I have judged but I cant help it..I do understand though...

    Answer by keyaziz at 6:58 PM on Dec. 17, 2008

  • Nope. I like chubby people. They have more personality then skinny people typically. T

    he only thing that bothers me though, is a real chubby chick that wears skinny chick clothes (like a thong bikini, bikini, belly shirt, or short skirt) and thinks she looks hot. That is a big no-no. Save for your bedroom with hubbie!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:05 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • i use to be skinny, & never judge fat moms...but 4 years later & 100 lbs heavier i actually find myself judging overweight ppl. i makes no sense! im prolly just projecting my hate of my own fat onto other fat ppl.

    i would be thinner if exercising was if there were mom sport leagues or anything more enjoyable than walking on a treadmil...


    Answer by okmanders at 1:32 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

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