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Anyone else married to a holy man?

Usually my DH folds and puts away his own clothes (yeah, I know, but it works for us). However, this morning due to some incredibly tasty yet amazingly awful "Bang Bang" shrimp - I found myself up and folding the myriad baskets of clean clothes that we have around our family room (so sad, the children think they are decorations...)

As I was lovingly sorting and folding my dear, Dear, DEAR DH's clothes, I was struck as if from on high (no, not a dust bunny falling from ceiling fan). I am married to HOLY MAN! Or, to be more precise - a HOLE-Y man. Out of fifteen pairs of Hanes ankle-height socks, fully eight of them were swiss cheese.

I am erring on the side of "He's so sweet, never thinks of himself" rather than "Holy moses, what a lazy dog"....he is my heart and I do adore him.

Anyone else find this with their spouse? Or are YOU the hole-y person in the relationship?

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Asked by Wimsey at 4:45 AM on Dec. 18, 2008 in Just for Fun

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  • Well, my husband washes and folds his own clothes on occasion, but I have found the same holes in clothes and I make sure to go out and purchase new ones. My husband is a hard working man and I don't think holes in your clothes make you a lazy man. It's just not a big deal to them, especially if they grew up in hard times, it's just habit. I think you need to err back on the side of what a sweet and selfless husband you have and count your blessing!

    Answer by usanamama at 4:49 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • Ummm my husband is the fashion king in my house so no holes in socks and I swear he has bout 20 pairs of undies. We have a large walk in closet. 99% of the space is taken up by his stuff. Mind you, we have no dresser so all of our clothes are in this closet.
    With that in mind though, he does wear his pants out a lot *shrugs* My husband is sweet but is not hesitant to buy stuff for himself. Me on the other hand? I never do.

    Answer by upintrees at 4:54 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • My husband calls them his church clothes. HA HA NOT FUNNY! lol. He insists I buy clothes for me while he goes without. It upsets me so I usually take cash and buy him stuff too.

    Answer by MarlyeGirl at 4:56 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • Nah I toss his 'holy' socks.
    When I first read this question I thought you meant 'religious'... so I was gonna say, No...but I have a fantasy to seduce a priest....a real priest who has praticed celibacy his whole life. I wanna ruin him.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:19 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • -shakes head- That reminds me -writes down " must get socks and underwear for husband- Yes, He has many holy socks, to many to wear on a sunday. Lol! Its just that he wears them rough, he has done some pretty intense jobs for him. So everything gets ratty, and he'd rather spend the money on games then on appearl.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:49 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • ones holey in this house. As soon as we see holes, we toss them out. We're not so frugal or cheap that we can't replace socks and underwear that have holes in them. The key to not having to do this so much is to STOP buying socks and undies from walmart. Its just not the best place to buy. I get cheaper deals at the GAP, gymboree, carters and for hubby, he gets his stuff at the Tommy Hilfiger store. On a regular day, a package of socks is 40% off and they last 4 times as long as the hanes crap. I got so tired of replacing socks or underwear with holes in the seams.

    Answer by momofsaee at 8:47 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • LOL.. probably would be if I wasn't in charge of the laundry. I throw all holey things away. LOL. But I know he wouldn't. He has this jean jacket that I say makes him look like a drug dealer who's not doing so hot. LOL. He won't get a new one to save his soul. Geeze. Oh, and shoes, too. He won't get rid of them until I do something awful to them, like sqeeze ketchup all over them. That's what I had to do with the last pair.

    Answer by jenettyshome at 9:06 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • I am the last person on earth I spend money on...I look like a homeless woman sometimes. But my kids are well groomed and dressed and that is all that matters to me.

    Answer by salexander at 9:49 AM on Dec. 18, 2008

  • When I discover that my husband has been wearing hole-y socks (he never complains so I do not know until I discover it on my own) I cannot help but feel that "awww" kind of feeling! He is SO good, so kind, so easygoing, so selfless.... Apologies..I REALLY love my husband!

    Answer by catholicmamamia at 6:59 PM on Dec. 21, 2008

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