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She won't let me shower!!

My little Kaylee is 7 months old. I used to set her in her playpen, and she would sit content and play until I got out of the shower. ( I work at 2pm, and her father leaves for work at 4am, so there is no one to watch her while I get ready for work.) Well, the other day we were getting ready to go out to run errands, so I told my boyfriend to keep and eye on her while I jumped in the shower. Well, about 5 minutes later she is screaming at the door! A few seconds later he opens up the door and says he doesn't know what to soon as he set her down she crawled strait for the door and refused to budge! So I took her into the shower with biggie. But now I can't take a shower alone, ever! Today I even put her playpen in front of the bathroom door and showered with the door open, and she screamed the whole time. As soon as I got out, she was fine. How do I get shower time back to being my time?


Asked by CarolynBarnett at 3:43 PM on Dec. 19, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (18)
  • Let her scream. She has learned (quick learners, arent they?) that when she screams, she gets what she wants. Make sure she is safe and contained, put her nearby so she can hear you, and take your shower. Talk to her or sing so she can hear your voice. She'll get over it, she won't be hurt by a couple of minutes of tantrum, and she'll learn that screaming doesn't always get her what she wants.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 3:46 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • Yes let her scream, she will learn.

    Answer by Slynnguinn at 3:47 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • I hate to break it to you.... not for another 5 or so years! lol.... My boys, ages 4, 3, and 2 can't let me shower or go potty by myself. I leave the door open and they come and go as I shower. I don't mind, because I can get a shower in, and I know what they're up to while I'm busy.

    The couple of tie I have locked them out, they sit and cry and whine at the door. So its more peaceful to let them in.

    Answer by my4lads at 3:47 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • This one is a tough one girl... You could let her scream it out, my hubby would have brought my boy in there two girl... An there is no way i could take a shower with him in there... Is she still in a crib? You could put her in there with some toys... Sorry im up in there air here...

    Answer by HottMamaRossx2 at 3:48 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • She has learned that this is a way to get attention. Talk to her when you are in the shower. Keep popping your head out so she knows you're there. But don't let her rule the roost.

    Answer by Bmat at 3:48 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • My son is 4 mos and I find a toy to put him in, in the bathroom with me. Sometimes he's good for the whole time and sometimes hes not. When he's not...I let him cry. Shower time is my time and the rest of the day he's got me to himself!

    Answer by britni11 at 3:49 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • Make sure she's safe and let her scream. She will not be hurt , and you deserve a shower lol. Do NOT take her in with you anymore-it will just teach her to scream until she gets her way. Before shower say in a happy voice"ok mommy is taking a shower, play with your ___" and walk away. She may or may not stop the screaming but you will be glad you stuck to your guns.

    Answer by Bearsjen at 3:51 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • just stop letting her in, the screaming will eventually stop

    Answer by davidsmom01 at 3:59 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • Let her cry about it, as long as you have put her in a safe spot and she cannot get out and into anything it'll be ok. As long as you continue to nurture this behavior the more she will do it and it will go from the shower to sleeping with you then not being able to eat unless she is in your lap and then when you leave for work she will make it hard for anyone to watch her. She has to learn that mommy has to do some things that do not involve her being there every second. You aren't being a bad mom to do this but showing her how to respect your privacy and it shows boundaries.

    Answer by Geminus at 4:02 PM on Dec. 19, 2008

  • sometimes i put my baby in her bouncer in the door way (leave the door open) and just keep the shower curtain open. i know it sounds kinda wierd- but it works. as long as she can see you- that is all that matters! lol (at least to my little one)

    Answer by jesi817 at 4:04 PM on Dec. 19, 2008