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Is this tacky?

My FIL buys toys for the kids from a second hand store that dosen't have regulations as to what it will resell. He isn't hard up for the money and if he was I'd still feel the same way. He will buy them each about a garbage bag full of toys each, some are broken, or trucks missing the remotes or just so dirty!!! I don't have a problem with used things but feel that the condition fo them is a bit tacky to give as gifts. I've asked my husband to talk with him and suggest a store that sells used toys but check recalls and condition before reselling them. He hasen't.
So you think it's tacky to give dirty, broken toys with missing parts?
No bashing please, I'd just like to point out that I have no problem with buying used, we do, but just the overall condition of things.


Asked by AmandaH321 at 10:00 AM on Dec. 20, 2008 in Holidays

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Answers (13)
  • I don't have a prob with buying second hand but, if you are going to, I do agree the items should be clean and not broken. Not only could the broken toys be dangerous but that doesn't sound very sanitary either.

    Answer by micrespo at 1:40 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • Considering they are dirty, broken, and missing parts, I just think it's a safety hazard! I'm sorry you have to go through that!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:03 AM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • I do think it is tacky. I buy a lot of used stuff for myself and my fact most of our furniture was used up until last year, but to give used things as gifts has always seemed tacky to me unless it was something that the child had really wanted and asked for (or obviously if it was something antique) but that is just me. Dirty and broken...I don't care if its new or used...that is tacky!

    Answer by kabbot01 at 10:11 AM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • it all stems from his generation i think. he doesn't view them as being broken and dangerous probably. it is more of a cost savings mentality that he has, even if he has the money. my dad is the same way. he's not hurting for money, but he'll compare the cost of dish detergent by cost per ounce for 10 minutes before buying anything. i'd say, be grateful that he's thinking of his grandkids and wants to be involved. accept what he gives you. put away or donate/throw away what you really feel uncomfortable using.

    Answer by have2travel at 10:43 AM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • I think its sad if he has money to buy new but wishes to buy not slightly used but junk then I would talk to him and tell him not to buy for my children at all. I would tell him my children have this type toys we drop in the garbage and our used toys before Christmas we clean out and give to the goodwill stores. I would explain to him to make a donation to the local where ever he buys these toys in your childrens name....He is tacky....

    Answer by HoneysCeCe at 12:37 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • It is tacky.
    But it would be even tackier for you or your husband to ever mention it to him.

    Answer by at 2:08 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • Yeah, I agree with

    Maybe he'd get the point if you got him something equally as tacky for Christmas. LOL I'm just kidding...I could never actually do that, but it went through my mind.

    Answer by Plethorarosie at 2:35 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • wow. be grateful that he even wants anything to do with you. my fil never returned our calls when my husband called to tell him we were having a baby. my son is almost a year old and we haven't gotten one phone call from the man. must be nice to have something like this to worry about and nothing more monumental.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:42 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • i think its MIL is the same way. They are not broke by any means, but she has always been a thrifter. I'm all for the deals she gets usually and normally she buys things in good shape for the kids to play with at her house BUT...

    For my twins birthday this summer she got them USED backpacks and tryied to tell me they were new when one of them had another child's name embroidered on it (she thought it was the name of the cartoon character on the bag, but it wasn't) and both smelled like cat pee. She was furious when my kids told her I threw them out.

    Answer by MommyAddie at 4:12 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

  • used is one thing, but dirty and broke is something else
    i would never let someone give my kids something like that if i knew about it before hand
    if your hubby wont talk to your fil, i think you should

    Answer by bi-polarmommy at 5:12 PM on Dec. 20, 2008

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