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everyone says

i keep reading and being told that my exes relationship with the woman he left me for will end. I don't really see that happening. They have been together for a year and a half and life seems perfect for him. Am i the only one whose ex husband will be happy forever even though he was the wrong one?

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:30 AM on Dec. 22, 2008 in Relationships

Answers (9)
  • no. alot of people go through this. it may end it may not. either way youll find the right one eventually, give it some time. their relationship may not be as great as you think.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:36 AM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • my ex got remarried so he might not or he might. who cares he is your ex. forget about him.

    Answer by melody77 at 10:56 AM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • My dh's cousin caught her husband with her best friend. They divorced and he married the best friend and they lived happily for 14 years before he died.

    Answer by MommyAddie at 11:22 AM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • A year and a half is too soon to tell, plus he might look happy on the outside but you don't live with them. People can put on a great appearance! Especially around you. But nevertheless, don't concern yourself with them. Move on and find happiness yourself. It'll be all the more sweeter if you are in a happy relationship when theirs crashes and burns.

    Answer by hopelessnance at 12:33 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • It doesn't really matter. Work on making YOU happy. In life what goes around, comes around... and you don't always know what's going on behind closed doors. Whether he truly gets his dues in life I cannot tell you, but he'll be judged for his sins one day... You just work on you!

    Answer by AggieMamacita at 12:35 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • There is know way of really knowing if his relationship with her will end. He may seem happy but you dont know what happens behind closed doors. I think you should focus your energies other places... like on your relationships. It isn't easy when you are left behind... but I guess if it were that good it wouldnt have ended. Focus on you ...... do yourself a favor and decide that his life wont impact your happiness.... only you control your happiness and only you can find the strength to not let it bother you... Dont let him know you give it a second thought.

    Answer by photojournalist at 1:08 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • When the woman your ex left you for, starts to "show her age," or is no longer as much "fun" as she used to be...then he'll likely dump her for a new and improved model! I'm going to guess your relationship started to go downhill with your ex once you became a mom? If he hasn't gotten his new girlfriend pregnant yet, when he does, he'll so tire of the "fun and frivolity" a new relationship with no responsibilities provides.

    Just remember, what is their relationship based on? Lying, cheating, sneakiness, callousness, shallowness, etc. Not exactly a strong foundation for a "happily ever after!"


    Answer by LoriKeet at 1:33 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • Stop worrying about your ex! Who cares if he is happy?! Don't waste time on whether he is miserable. Spend time making YOU HAPPY!!! If he is happy with this other woman forever good for him. If left her would you want his cheeting butt back? It is time to let go.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:15 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

  • you are on the outside looking in...he could be catching pure hell....think of it that way, at least you will feel better

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:32 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

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