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my baby is nursing alot less than before?

in the past 3 days, my baby's nursed ALOT less than before. the thing is she's not eating more, if she was i wouldnt be worried. she was sick recently but she's better now. instead of waking up 4-5 times a night, now she wakes up 2 times max.. in the day time, only like 5 times all together, before like nine times, she's eating even less than before. i'm worried though. i picked her up today and she even feels lighter to me...

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:55 PM on Dec. 24, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (8)
  • How old is the baby and is she eating table foods?

    Answer by coala at 3:56 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • **********************************************************************************************************
    She is 7 months old and yes, but hardly, i try to feed her 3 meals a day, but she'll only eat like 5 tea spoons a meal now. thats hardly anything. she used to eat more.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:02 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • I know mine used to eat alot, then slow WAY down right before a growth spurt. If you are concerned about a weight loss then you need to get her to the doc for a weight check.

    Answer by Jazak at 4:07 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • Def take her in a get a weight check. Mine slows down between growth spurts--she eats less and sleeps more. Probably won't last long, but try to push the Breast milk b/c that has all the good stuff that she needs.

    Answer by coala at 4:35 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • Did your period start back up recently? Have you introduced something new into your diet? My daughter slowed down when I started my period but as soon as it was over, she was fine again. I guess maybe the hormones made the milk taste different??? Also...certain food flavors can be passed into your breast milk. Just a thought.

    Have her weight checked if you're concerned.

    Answer by ANGIE409 at 4:56 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • Americans are too weight obsessed. She was just sick- if she feels lighter, it's probably that, combined with her mobility. I'm sure it's all in your head, though.
    I'm not going to go into a big long explanation of the whys, but if you want them, PM me- I'm just going to say that THIS IS NORMAL!!!!
    AND - it may change!!!!!!!!! She may go back to nursing frequently.
    We don't always eat the exact same amount of food every single day. Some days we eat more, some days less. Our eating patterns change over time.

    Answer by Liyoness at 6:46 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • As long as she's getting at least six wet diapers a day there is no need to be worried.... they get better at nursing so it doesn't take as long to eat, as well as your milk changes to keep up with thier growing bodies.

    Answer by BabyDio at 7:27 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

  • Normal normal normal! Nothing here to worry about, actually...they do reduce their nursing frequency. And then increase it again.

    Follow the baby's cues, always. You won't go wrong.

    Answer by gdiamante at 11:52 PM on Dec. 24, 2008

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