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What is Hell like?

My cousin died 2 nights ago he was only 29 he was drunk and was walking home from his friends house down his road and he fell on ice and fell in a ditch and froze to dealth. He was not a christan, I can't stop thinking he might have not ever talked to God It makes me sick to think he may be in hell.I am a christan but i don't know the bible that well, can anyone tell me what hell is like...I am griving please be nice


Asked by Anonymous at 9:26 AM on Dec. 26, 2008 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (34)
  • 0p-I can not an will not give anyone the best answer to anyone because there is none.I do belive in hell and that God is unchanging he is the same he was 10,000,000 years ago as he is this very moment in time and hell is the same as it was the moment satain got put into it.But i do belive there may be diffent levels of hell and if you don't repent for your sins you will surly go to one of these levels of hell and i do pray for my cosin who may be in hell or some form of it earth is not a place that is Hell but a deciding place wheither to be good and go to heaven or be bad and go to hell so to all of you that are living it up now Party down because later when you freeze to dealth or get in that car accident you will not be partying any longer!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:01 PM on Dec. 28, 2008

  • It is not pretty. Hell is a place of torment. A place that you will burn continuously for the time you are down there. You will suffer.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:28 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • Hell is eternal. According to Matthew 25:46, Jesus said, "and these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal". Romans 16:26, speaks of the everlasting God. Hebrews 9:14 refers to the eternal spirit.
    I dont think anyone knows what hell is like but its probably a place thats individual to each person depending on what our definition of punishment would be. As a christian myself I have a different view of heaven & hell. I think we have a chance to repent when we die and if we choose to continue to deny God even in death then we go to hell. But I think even in cases with your cousin he had a chance to repent when he got to heaven & Id like to think other then the hard hearted everyone does.

    Answer by gemgem at 9:34 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • Please don't allow yourself, because of the obligatory guilt of your faith, to believe that your cousin is being tormented. If he was a good man, be happy with the fact that good people get rewarded in their afterlife.

    Please Please PLEASE don't let this eat you up. You are going through a tragedy right now, the very last thing you need are those sick images of hell floating though your subconscious.

    Answer by AnnieMcD at 9:36 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • Take a look around. You're in it.

    Your cousin is safe and well on The Other Side. His religious convicitons matter not.

    Answer by jenettyshome at 9:42 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • Thank-you annie -OP

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:00 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • I am so sorry for your loss. As a Christian you can have hope in God's mercy. You don't know - perhaps before your cousin died he came to the realization of accepting Christ and is saved. God is great in His mercy. Remember we don't earn our own salvation -- it is only because of God's grace that we can achieve it.

    As to what hell is -- hell exists and it is eternal. It is the total separation from God who is the source of all love and happiness.

    But as I said - we can always hope and trust in God's mercy.

    The L ORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion. The LORD protects the simplehearted; when I was in great need, he saved me. Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. (Psalm 116:5-7)


    Answer by eringobrough at 10:03 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • I don't think anyone who is going to answer this has ever been to the Hell you're talking about. So, why listen to someone who tells you it's not pretty? Or even someone who tells you it exists?

    I agree with jenettyshome. As they say, Hell is other people.

    Answer by CluelessCarrie at 10:06 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • You're welcome. I do what I can, I know how hard it is to deal with something like this when all we have is uncertainty. Or worse, certainty of something horrible. I am always comforted knowing that my family is waiting, safe and warm, for me to join them in our next lives. While I understand that is not your belief system, at least you can know that good people go to heaven to await their loved ones. He is there now, and will watch over you and keep you and yours safe.

    It makes me sad to see that faith so often instills fear rather than comfort at your most trying times.

    Answer by AnnieMcD at 10:07 AM on Dec. 26, 2008

  • I agree that earth is hell. We die and go to the other side. I believe that if you are bad you are reborn right away. You never get to hit heaven. Please know this is my belief you dont have to belief lol. I also think you love one is safe over there. If you truly are worried then pray for him if it helps you. But god has taken him and wrapped his arms around him. Bless you and I am so sorry for your loss.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:07 AM on Dec. 26, 2008