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How long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

My fiance passed away 5 months ago and I am still very much hurting from the whole ordeal. I was five months pregnant at the time and although I have a wonderful support system, he was not there so I felt alone. I am still hurting! I cant even fathom another relationship ever, but will i ever at least heal???

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Asked by oneprittygirl at 12:12 AM on Jul. 15, 2008 in Relationships

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  • I dont know how long it takes to heal a broken heart but until it heals we are here for you. When my dad died I went into a Native American jewelry store that was across the street from where my dad's store was. I couldn't talk without crying. I managed to get the story out and the man brought me a Kokopelli necklace. I wore that necklace for a long time to remind me that the hurt from the grief was ok to feel. One day the chain broke and I knew the worst was over. I still loved my dad but the healing had begun. Bless your heart my sweet spirit. Remember his love and maybe that can cushion the pain. Feel the love. Hugs, Addie

    Answer by admckenzie at 12:18 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • You'll heal.But what does that mean to you?You will still think about him.You'll still love him.You'll still miss him.You'll look at your baby and think of him.All the more reason for you to let go of the hurt and regret, and hold on to those pictures of him in your head, his voice in your head, the times you spent together in your head.Your memory of him and your deep down knowledge of how he wouldn't want for you to be hurting will heal you.Your baby will motivate you to heal and to cherish.You'll heal.Pray to God for strength to heal and the courage and patience you'll need while you are healing as I will be praying this for you too.I pray that you won't be hurt and broken anymore but will be thankful for the short time you were able to spend with your fiance and the beautiful piece of himself that he left with you.I am truley sorry for your loss.

    Answer by callico at 12:27 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • If you believe in the after life ask your fiancee to please help you heal inside, keep going to church pray out loud and your life will change good luck hon god bless you and your baby

    Answer by fairybrokenwing at 12:46 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • Wow I am sorry... I hope that everytime you look into your babies eyes you will be able to hold onto that love why you heal. Seek comfort in your child and family. Again, I am sorry...

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:05 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • I feel for you. My sister went through the same thing with my niece 21 years ago. My nieces' father passed away months before she was born. My sister was devastated for years but time and God grabbed hold of her life and begin to heal her from the hurt, loneliness and confusion. She's married to a great man right now but 20 something years ago, she never thought she would be where she is today. If you believe in God then you know that He will make a way for you to heal with this but He'll give you the healing that you need in due time.
    Take care

    Answer by treasured_hope at 2:41 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • To be honenst you will never truely heal the love that yall shared will always be there, After a while the empty spaces in your heart will start to heal and it will get easyer. But just remember as time passes and when your ready to move on the scars will always be there so make sure that your comepletely over it.... Like the saying goes time heals all wounds..... But believe me i know what your goin through its been 4 years since i lost my love and im just now getting to where i can move on..... Everyone is diffrent though it might not take you as long as it has me to bounce back, but im hear for you if you ever need someone to talk to...

    Answer by teenmother25 at 9:30 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • I am soooo sorry.
    It will get easier as the days go by, just try to think positive.
    I personally think that he would still be with you, he'll watch over you, talk to him as if you never lost him.

    Answer by Destiny13 at 10:13 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. There is no time limit as to how long it takes for a broken heart to heal. You may never heal. Time does not heal all pain, it just makes it easier to handle. Lots of hugs being sent your way.

    Answer by jaschem at 11:53 AM on Jul. 15, 2008

  • My 1st husband has been gone for 11 yrs & it still hurts. I have found that for me knowing that I have the best part of him still with me makes it alot easier. Our son will be 11 soon & he is defintly his daddy all over. With a little me too but you see what I mean. It does get easier, I promise that much, but for me the hurt isn't completely gone. I went to a counselor after he passed & he told me something that has been helpful...every time you feel the hurt build, turn into something good. Like for example, create something. If you are not crafty, turn that energy towards whatever talent(s) you may have. Easier said than done I know, but give it a try & keep trying, it does help.

    Answer by HelenStoner at 3:09 PM on Jul. 15, 2008

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