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I Have 3 kids and have attempted to breastfeed them all, but the longest I have ever kept it up was 5wks because I never seem to get enough milk supply so I end up not continuing it due to frustration on both my end and the babies end? Any suggestions on how to expand my milk supply this time around?

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Asked by mommiewest at 6:08 AM on Dec. 30, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • I have the same problem!!! My milk supply is never enough and I can never keep my nipples so that baby can latch easily so i usually have had to use a shield!! I usually do the first month and then its just such a pain i go to formula but still I know they got the first weeks of thier lives with the best they can get which makes me feel better!! But ill be paying attention to this post for advice also!!!

    Answer by scaredmommy08 at 6:15 AM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • There are several things you can do . Oatmeal , beer, lots of water-juice-what have you. And keep trying! Don't be afraid to supplement...babies do NOT get confused! Just keep plugging, use your pump, no constrictive clothing. WANT IT ...It really does do the( "baby's )body good.... keep writing ...oh yeah get your guy to be a cheerleader, it really helps a lot when you have fans to cheer you thru the hard places...J

    Answer by Starnana at 6:19 AM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • Work with La Leche League. They were a big help to me. You can meet with experts on breastfeeding and also peers going through the same thing. Good luck and good job for plugging forward with it.

    Answer by SashaJ at 7:33 AM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • growth spurts often cause people to think they don't have enough supply. Common times for growth spurts are during the first few days at home and around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months (more or less). Babies don't read calendars, however, so your baby may do things differently. Nurse, nurse, nurse to up supply. Stay away from bottles and pacifiers. Feed on demand.

    Go to this website it has the answer to about every breastfeeding question there is, just type in a couple key words (like "low supply")in the search box

    Answer by Lynette at 8:34 AM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • How do you know that you don't have enough milk? Many people believe that they don't have enough milk when they really do. The best thing to do to ensure a good supply is to nurse early and often. Frequently on demand. However often that may be. This will teach your body how much milk to make. After a few weeks, you won't feel full or engorged any more, and may no longer leak, because your supply has adjusted to what your baby needs, and you are making enough milk, not an excess amount of milk.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 8:47 AM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • the first 48 hours is crucial. it's important for you to nurse your baby early(as soon as possible after birth) and often(as many times as possible after birth) to help stimulate your breasts and to let your body know that it's time to start producing milk.
    milk is not present when the baby is born and it can take days for it to come in. on average it takes 3 but some moms have it come in earlier or even later. during that time period it's very important to nurse as much as possible(about 8 to 10 times a day) and to avoid supplementing with formula.

    Answer by heatherama at 10:51 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • It sounds like you fell victim to that famous 4-6 week growth spurt. Around 4-6 weeks babies hit a HUGE growth spurt that makes women think they're not making enough because the baby wants to nurse constantly and never seems "full." The truth is that the baby is instinctively kicking up their feedings because they're getting ready to grow. Bigger babies need more calories, so they're trying to pre-emptively bring up your supply by nursing more often. Constant nursing brings up your supply, they grow bigger, and level out their feeding patterns again until the next spurt. It's like when you notice your grown children tend to eat you out of house and home when they've hit a growth spurt.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:19 PM on Dec. 31, 2008

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