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I'm proud to be a teen mom. Im speaking my mind and screw teen mom haterz!!

A little info- I’m 19 and was a teen mom

Sooo… I had an issue with some1 earlier on here. She pretty much decided to bash me for being a teen mom. She said I’m just another teen mom with jobless skills and I’m not a part of society.

1st of all, jobless skills? You want to know the skills I have? I can type more than 50 wpm, I was going to take calculus in high school but the only reason I couldn't was because the highest math they offer to independent studies students is Algebra1. I can write a 2 page essay in less that 20 minutes (got an A). BTW, we had 2 weeks to do it. I've taken occupational programs and advanced computer classes, passed my high school exit exam with the top scores of my class. All this, in high school. And people ask why I’m a SAHM, because my daughter is only 2 and I’m the damn best mom and teacher she can have right now.

Want to know her skills too?? Before she turned 1 she knew all her basic colors, all her body parts (except her coochie, we said butt instead). While she was 1 she was fully potty trained, dress herself, could count to 4, and knew some letters. She turned 2 6 weeks ago and is talking in full sentences. So go ahead and try to tell me teen moms can’t be good moms.

Anyways, what right does she have to bash me just because of my age? The only BASIC difference between us as a mom is that I was a teen mom. Just because you get pregnant at 16 doesn't mean you’re going to love your child any different than if you’re 36. Yeah I’ll admit I wasn't in a relationship when I got pregnant. But guess what? I was a teenager. Teenagers have sex in case any1 hasn't noticed. So what happened to me? I wasn't selfish and decided to keep my baby instead of my teenage life. Abortion isn't for me.

I don’t ever think of my daughter as a mistake. In my opinion things happen for a reason, and God gave me my daughter as a gift. Because of my daughter I am very successful. I moved out when I was 18. I live in a 4 bedroom house, built in pool, and 3 car garage. It’s just me, my daughter, and my boyfriend of 3 years. And yes he is her father. We pay our own bills. We have 2 cars, I paid for 1 in cash, I don’t like credit card. And for you moms who think SAHM are lazy, as soon as my car gets fixed I’m going to school to be either a diagnostic medical sonographer or a radiation therapist. =)

If you truly agree with this woman then you can kiss my skinny, white ass for all I care. I’m not going to let people bring me down or make me feel bad for any decisions I make. GO TEEN MOMS!! (I’m not supporting intentional teen pregnancy)

I'm just trying to let people know that being a teen mom is no different.


I read an apology on here. I just want to say that getting this off my chest made me feel good. But reading the apology makes me feel even better. Thank you. I didn't write this searching for an apology. It was to speak my mind and share my opinion. Again, Thank you.

Like i said **I support teen moms** not teen pregnancy.


Asked by teenmommy31 at 3:27 AM on Sep. 8, 2011 in Parenting Debate

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  • the only requirement there for high school was the exit exam. I went way above what i was required to do. I had college classes in high school. Those arent grad requirements. I would think that an emplyer would rather hire some1 with greater knowlege about certain things. ive taken business classes and have worked. i know what they expect and what job skills are. one of my best friend took management classes. she told me alot of what she learned. and im pretty sure i didnt mention a high school diploma a job skill. that would be pretty retarted.

    I AM an employer. I wouldn't hire you just because you took college classes in high school. Do you have any idea how many kids are doing that these days..LOTS. If you in any way displayed the attitude you have here I would not hire you. I would also hire someone without the burden of a child before I would hire you. I really feel for you. You have a LOT to learn. Good luck.

    Answer by yourspecialkid at 8:13 PM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • I don't bash teen moms no room for it as I was one.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 5:12 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • I don't bash either. I think as long as any Mom is doing what they are suppose too then whats the big deal? I have seen some awful Moms that are in their 30's and are married. So good job for taking care of your baby. I am sure there are alot of people that are proud of you so ignore the ones that bash you.

    Answer by jenn4443 at 5:48 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Wow, you go, girl! I love to write and even I can't kick out two pages in twenty minutes!

    As some other the other ladies pointed out, you don't have to defend yourself to close minded people, though I totally understand the urge. But, venting also helps to purge the frustration, as I'm sure you know! :)

    Keep being the awesome mom that you are (and maybe share some of your secrets!) and ignore anyone who are too ignorant to realize that no matter a person's back ground or situation, they don't have the right to judge.

    Rock on and good luck with college!

    Answer by Tommyskitty at 6:50 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • I was a teen mom- even younger than you-
    Not every teen is self absorbed as a certain TV show likes to air that they are- there are many teen moms who step up and do what it takes to make thier kids have the best- but that doesn't make for good TV now does it? how boring to watch an average mom- right? and regardless of age... Remember Kate only has a show because she had 8kids- "normal" doesn't work for TV.

    don't let comments on here get to you- its only a PC... and they don't know you!

    Answer by 2teens2LOs at 9:37 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • I would not want my daughter to have a child right now because I want her to havew an eduction first. But sincce it seems to be working out for you, then congratulations.
    But I was a mom at 20 and it was hard enough to work my 45-48 hour weekly job, and still try to not fall asleep when watching my daughter. All I have to say is thank God for my Mom.

    Answer by SeasideNative at 10:38 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Although my guilty pleasure is MTV shows like 16 and Pregnant and TeenMom, I think most of them do more harm than good. Every pregnancy and situation is different. Just because you're a teen mom that does not mean that you are destined to fail. Some do quite well. Single moms get the same kind of dirty looks and snide remarks.Especially in formats like Cafemom. Some people think every old is supposed to follow the same path to marriage and kids. Different strokes. If you find success when the pegged you to fail you are a threat. If you ever have a heart to heart with an older adult (60+), you often hear them say that they don't care what other think of them. I'm 37 and I have already reached that point in my life. No one pays my bills or takes care of my kids but me. There are literally about 5 people, who's opinion of me, actually matters to me. This format allows people to say things they may not otherwise say. Screw em!

    Answer by MsRickie at 11:19 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Sorry that you got bashed by someone making unfair assumptions about you.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments - you should be proud of yourself & your boyfriend. It certainly sounds like you are a dedicated mom, making good choices and taking care of her responsibilities. There are too many stereotypes out there & people need to be reminded of that.

    Answer by sweetpotato418 at 11:43 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • You sound like a great mom. i would never bash a teen mom. Once you have a child you grow up and mature so quickly, well most of us, that it doesnt matter what age you are. And for as young as you are, you are doing better than most people i know who are in their 30's and have kids. GOOD JOB!!

    Answer by mom2lyl at 3:40 AM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • I think your awesome! Age is just a number heck I Know 30 year old moms that do a horrible job. Keep up the great work :) ~Amy

    Answer by AmyJacobs at 10:22 AM on Sep. 8, 2011