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I'm proud to be a teen mom. Im speaking my mind and screw teen mom haterz!!

A little info- I’m 19 and was a teen mom

Sooo… I had an issue with some1 earlier on here. She pretty much decided to bash me for being a teen mom. She said I’m just another teen mom with jobless skills and I’m not a part of society.

1st of all, jobless skills? You want to know the skills I have? I can type more than 50 wpm, I was going to take calculus in high school but the only reason I couldn't was because the highest math they offer to independent studies students is Algebra1. I can write a 2 page essay in less that 20 minutes (got an A). BTW, we had 2 weeks to do it. I've taken occupational programs and advanced computer classes, passed my high school exit exam with the top scores of my class. All this, in high school. And people ask why I’m a SAHM, because my daughter is only 2 and I’m the damn best mom and teacher she can have right now.

Want to know her skills too?? Before she turned 1 she knew all her basic colors, all her body parts (except her coochie, we said butt instead). While she was 1 she was fully potty trained, dress herself, could count to 4, and knew some letters. She turned 2 6 weeks ago and is talking in full sentences. So go ahead and try to tell me teen moms can’t be good moms.

Anyways, what right does she have to bash me just because of my age? The only BASIC difference between us as a mom is that I was a teen mom. Just because you get pregnant at 16 doesn't mean you’re going to love your child any different than if you’re 36. Yeah I’ll admit I wasn't in a relationship when I got pregnant. But guess what? I was a teenager. Teenagers have sex in case any1 hasn't noticed. So what happened to me? I wasn't selfish and decided to keep my baby instead of my teenage life. Abortion isn't for me.

I don’t ever think of my daughter as a mistake. In my opinion things happen for a reason, and God gave me my daughter as a gift. Because of my daughter I am very successful. I moved out when I was 18. I live in a 4 bedroom house, built in pool, and 3 car garage. It’s just me, my daughter, and my boyfriend of 3 years. And yes he is her father. We pay our own bills. We have 2 cars, I paid for 1 in cash, I don’t like credit card. And for you moms who think SAHM are lazy, as soon as my car gets fixed I’m going to school to be either a diagnostic medical sonographer or a radiation therapist. =)

If you truly agree with this woman then you can kiss my skinny, white ass for all I care. I’m not going to let people bring me down or make me feel bad for any decisions I make. GO TEEN MOMS!! (I’m not supporting intentional teen pregnancy)

I'm just trying to let people know that being a teen mom is no different.


I read an apology on here. I just want to say that getting this off my chest made me feel good. But reading the apology makes me feel even better. Thank you. I didn't write this searching for an apology. It was to speak my mind and share my opinion. Again, Thank you.

Like i said **I support teen moms** not teen pregnancy.


Asked by teenmommy31 at 3:27 AM on Sep. 8, 2011 in Parenting Debate

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  • It shows im a good mom because i try as hard as i can to provide for my daughter. i would rather earn everything i have instead of having it handed to me. Im not not gonna drop my kid off with some1 so i can go party or hang out.

    A work attitude and home attitude arent the same. I wouldnt go in and apply with the same attitude i would have anywhere else. I would be professional. We dont have to be professional online.

    And to who ever said no many teens have sex. Think again. Teen pregnancy is pretty damn high. Especially where i live.

    And about the birth control. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME HAVING SEX. I didnt plan to have sex. And i am on it.

    Comment by teenmommy31 (original poster) at 8:20 PM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Just out of curiosity are you attending college right now?

    Answer by daughteroftruth at 8:47 PM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Around the time i was about to start school again my car messed up. I had 3 mechanics look at it but none could figure out what was wrong. But im hoping it gets fixed soon or my boyfriend gets a steady work schedule so i can. He works full time and i want to go to school full time so its kinda hard to share 1 car right now. Espesially sinse he works an hour away.

    Comment by teenmommy31 (original poster) at 8:53 PM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • ....."Teen Mom haterz" ???????
    that was mature.......
    good luck, you need it,really.
    You are an advertisement for how important Birth Control is,chick. Use it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:56 PM on Sep. 8, 2011

  • Potty trained at age one? No, YOU were trained. LOL.
    Noo, not that many teens have sex. They graduate from high school, go to college and then they get married.
    But I do hope eveything goes that you have RANTED, do you feel better?

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:59 PM on Sep. 8, 2011