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For those that are prolife,

if a pregnant woman is major heroine addict or was taking accutane, do you still think it is the best interest of the "fetus" to be carried to term? Isn't a life time of misery and suffering worse then abortion?


Asked by Anonymous at 7:29 PM on Dec. 30, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (24)
  • Lots of prolife people are in favor of abortion in certain situations, rape, incest, severe fetal abnormality. If the situation you described was resulting in severe abnormality then yes, I would support it, even though overall I consider myself pro-life.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:42 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • would you rather be dead or alive simple?

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:31 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • okay now since your obviously pro choice wouldn't it be the best if the baby got a chance at life under normal circumstances and got put with a good loving family and a chance at life rather than being killed and not even given a chance that baby didn't chose for the mom to freaking spread her legs and have sex and get pregnant. theres two ways of looking at it.

    Answer by krazyash023 at 7:31 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I'm pro life period !!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:32 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • Do you know what happens to a child born to a woman that has taken accutane? It is a category X drug and guaranteed to cause major birth defects.


    Answer by Anonymous at 7:33 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • um..that's why the dermatologists tell you to not get pregnant when taking accutane. even a pharmacist would tell you, and it would be on the written warning that comes with the meds.

    Answer by thehairnazi at 9:16 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I guess it really depends on how long the mother has been doing these drugs, has she stopped since getting pregnant and been otherwise healthy. Only a fool would do drugs and not care while pregnant. Should the child suffer for that???? No, but since this child is destined to be born and have many difficult roads ahead, there are many women who would gladly adopt a baby born in the USA, with birth defects and lifelong problems. Look at how many of the rich and famous are rushing to the agencies right now......

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:35 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • To the original poster: What if the mother was not on drugs and the child was born with just as bad of a birth defect or worse... should the child be aborted then? NO.. no every time with a mom who's got problems or without children can be born with defects and that doesn't make their life "FULL OF MISERY" ok? That is SAD if you think that every child who has birth defects is being made to suffer. My son was born 10 weeks early and quite possibly has ASD and he is the MOST amazing and wonderful being I could ever have imagined bringing in to this world.. Just because a child is born disabled or with an unfit mother doesn't make their life any less than someone who was born with everything in the world. ((SIDENOTE: However, a baby being carried by a mom addicted to heroin or on accutane has a greater chance of a miscarriage... Those are some very POWERFUL drugs.)

    Answer by sheriskidmore at 10:05 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I believe that every woman has a choice, that being said, if that wasn't meant to be what happened to that child than it wouldn't have happened. Nothing happens by happenstance.

    Answer by happyathomemum at 10:25 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • There is no guarentee that the problems have been passed on to the baby. A friend of mine from work was a drug addict baby. Her mother smoked crack, shot up heroin and smoked Crystal Meth when she was pregnant with her. She was addicted when she was born but after some meds and detox she was fine. She was born without the skin that covers her major organs so it required major surgery to pull the skin from her sides and staple it together in the front. She is now 25, extremely healthy and has a great life. No mental illnesses or problems. There are people who are told their babies will have down syndrome and should abort, and when they dont they find their baby is fine. You can never trust a dr. to predict these things even with our technology b/c it could be different.

    Answer by amyrw at 10:37 PM on Dec. 30, 2008