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Would you sell your Egg?

I was looking for jobs on Craigslist and a local IVF facility is looking for people to sell their eggs for 2000.00 I know there are sperm donors and what not...but I just can't see how people can do this, especially for the money. First of all I'd never sell my egg and 2nd of all there is no amount of money that could get me to do that. I couldn't live with myself knowing a part of me was somewhere in the world and I didn't even know him/ many of you would do this?


Asked by britni11 at 8:53 PM on Dec. 30, 2008 in Just for Fun

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Answers (12)
  • My husband and i have discussed this subject many times and instead of selling my eggs when we're doen with kids, i've thought about becoming a surrogate. If i sell my eggs part of me is gonna wonder if anything came from it and if so, how is that child doing because biologically it's part of me, but being a surrogate is still helping another family concieve but they don't use your egg or your mans sperm to it's really not part of me at all. I would just be the incubator, but i don't think i could do that for just anyone, but my friend is having trouble in the baby making department and we've offered to help her if she chooses to go that route. She already has one son, but it was a huge shock she had him and they haven't been able to have anymore and they don't think it's completely safe for her to have more. She said she was touched we were willing to help her out, but had to think about it for quite a while.

    Answer by FinleyFirst at 10:56 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I could never sell my eggs, but if one of my sisters ever needed help I would help them. I would probably have a hard time doing it but I would do it for them. By the way here on Long Island you can sell your eggs for $8000-$10,000. Definately makes you think twice when you need to pay things off! LOL But I couldn't do it.

    Answer by teddybear515 at 8:56 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I looked into it, but by the time I did I was too old. I would love to know that I'd given such a wonderful gift to someone. I love my kids, and I know so many women who struggle to have kids. Helping just one woman achieve that dream...yeah. Way cool.

    Answer by desert_diva at 8:58 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • i was just thinking about this last night.. i think i could for that kind of money... but i don't really know.. i would definitely consider it.

    Answer by krazyash023 at 8:59 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I after agree with the OP- I do think selling/giving your eggs is a selfless act, but I couldn't live with myself.

    Answer by Erica_Smerica at 9:06 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • No, never.
    For both personal and moral/religious reasons, I could not..ever.

    Answer by catholicmamamia at 9:07 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • Ok, I guess I'm alone here, but YES I COULD. I've actually heard you get 5k+. Once I'm done having children, I don't need my eggs anymore...and why not let someone who is desperate to have children have them?

    Answer by kabbot01 at 9:11 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • i would do it so another family could feel the same joys that i have felt by having children it has nothing to do with the money. i see it as helping someone else not as my child because if it was my child it would be also a part of my dh. i was just wondering where people find out about this stuff.

    Answer by mrssundin at 9:12 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • I am undecided on the subject

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:13 PM on Dec. 30, 2008

  • i have thought about DONATING my eggs, i sometimes feel guilty about how easy it was for me to concive when there are women who struggle for years or can't at all, but to sell them just for the money, no

    Answer by bi-polarmommy at 9:17 PM on Dec. 30, 2008