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Cloth Diapering

Do you use cloth diapers? If so what type is your favorite? Do you make your own or have a favorite brand? I'd really like to give cloth diapering a try, although my husband isn't so keen on the idea..... Was your husband on board with cloth diapering at the start? If not, what changed his mind? What would you suggest as a good way to test out cloth diapering? I have a 10 month old and another baby due in March so I love the idea of the money savings from cloth diapering although I also have my concerns about how it would work for us.

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Asked by dedicatedrider at 1:53 PM on Jan. 1, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • If you can deal with waking up in the middle of the night to a soaked from chest to knees baby, having to change and bathe the baby, and change the sheets in the crib. Or worse, if like me your baby will sleep with you then not only the baby but you will need to shower and change the sheets of your own bed. All this at let's say 2am? And then the nastiness of it sitting around until you can do a load of wash. And when your out having to walk around with a soaked diaper. If you can handle all that then go for it.


    Answer by Chrissy629 at 2:04 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • Im gonna be getting the bum genius diapers, the one size ones so they go from birth to toddler. My husband isnt on board with it but as he will quickly find out disposable diapers are very pricy after a bit and I am goint to be the one taking care of her the most being at home with her and all and so I am the one who gets to choose what i use and dont use. I will use disposables everyonce in a while like when we are traveling or something like that just for the convenience but i think reusables are a great idea when your at home

    Answer by ReneeLRS at 2:06 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • babies can soak disposable diapers just as much as they can clothe ones. they make them with all kinds of covers and there are even ones that have the non leak through fabric right on the diaper. how bout buying like two to four and see how you like them. if you dont care for them then not too much money is wasted and you found out for yourself if you like them or not.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:08 PM on Jan. 1, 2009


    Answer by mom2b23869 at 2:21 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • If you don't want to do disposable, but are kind of iffy about doing cloth, you should try gDiapers ( They are a cross between cloth and disposable. We liked them and used them for probably 4-6 weeks, but we stopped for the following reasons: 1) it got to be too much work, so we went to disposable.; 2) our son would eventually go to daycare, and there is no way they would do cloth, or at least I don't think so; 3) disposable were cheaper.

    Answer by ap9902 at 2:57 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • My son has never woken soaked the way the PP described and he's never slept in anything but cloth. Somehow I don't think that person used cloth or they used crappy cloth.

    I love fuzzi buns. We have never had a problem with those. They fit well and can be double stuffed for heavy wetters and not too bulky. I like just plain covers and prefolds. I used those more than anything. I love Wiggle Worm Bottom dipaer(she is a WAHM, google her) I really hate BunGenius. It's the tabs. They are too small and don't stick well for me. I don't care for thirsties overnight. They aren't absorbent enough. CLoth has certainly saved us a lot of money. I haven't bought diapers in months and if you take good care of them they have a greta resale value. I'm due pretty soon and diapers are one thing I won't have to worry about throughout this baby's whole babyhood because I made the investment already.

    Answer by Pauline3283 at 4:37 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • Oh, and my husband LOVES cloth! I think he likes the cute diapers more than I do. At times when I got annoyed he let me know he really didn't want to use anything but cloth. It's been almost 2 years since we've started using cloth. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Answer by Pauline3283 at 4:40 PM on Jan. 1, 2009

  • my child has never been soaked like PP described ... totally onesided answer!
    i love cloth diapers! we CD at home but prefer to use disposables when we leave home ... just easier with 2 in diapers for us
    my favorite diapers are rumparooz!! they are onesize so they last from birth to potty training! and are pockets so you can add as much as you need to absorb pee at night or naps! PLUS they come in the cutests prints and fabrics!

    Answer by Riosmommy at 4:37 AM on Jan. 5, 2009

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