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Is he eating enough?

My son is very skinny and always has been but I feel like i'm not feeding him enough even though I can't get him to eat anymore when I try. He eats either a piece of french toast, a pancake, a waffle, or 2 eggs in the morning. Some chips, popcorn, or cheese cubes for snacks. A Gerber Graduate bowl of like shells and cheese, turkey stew, or chicken & stars, or sometimes he gets a chicken nugget happy meal for lunch. For dinner he'll have one of the Gerber bowls or one of the all natural bigger bowls of toddler food if I can get him to eat for the 3rd time. Usually he doesn't want to eat breakfast, he throws it on the floor for the dogs. I just think he's too skinny because I can see his backbone when he bends over and he has little skinny arms and chicken legs. Does it sound like he's getting enough to eat or should I try to get him to eat more?


Asked by bassyentihw at 10:06 PM on Jan. 2, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (8)
  • Wow, he actually sounds as if he eats alot more than my 2 year old. I always worry about my son too. He barely eats, but he actually seems pretty chunky. He does drink alot of milk though. Does your son drink juice or milk? I have noticed that when I hold back the milk he eats a little bit more. He craves milk though, so it is hard to keep him from it. He sounds as if he is normal. It could just be genetics. Maybe he has a high metabolism.

    Answer by bellasrose71008 at 10:11 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • * I meant FAST metabolism *

    Answer by bellasrose71008 at 10:12 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • Unless your doc thinks there is a physical issue I wouldn't worry.get him taking a kids vitamin and u already are giving him healthy snacks.If he is hungry,he'll eat sometimes pushing kids to eat when not hungry can lead to bad eating habits later.I think he's ok mom.

    Answer by Bearsjen at 10:17 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • My fiance and I were always little beanpoles when we were younger too so that may be it but I still worry. My son has a 14 oz sippy cup that I fill up with OceanSpray juices everyday and he'll drink the entire thing and sometimes need more. It's always some kind of Cranberry juice mixed with another juice though like Cran-Apple or Cran-Grape. He only really gets milk when he sleeps. He gets 8 or 9 ounces of warm whole milk to go to sleep for his nap and then bedtime and then when he wakes up in the middle of the night because he's getting his molars in I get up and make him another.

    Answer by bassyentihw at 10:19 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • I think he eats alot but I would add more fruit & veggies & get rid of the Mcdonalds that food is all garbage

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:25 PM on Jan. 2, 2009

  • Each kid is different. My 13 month old is a slim kid and she eats double what your boy eats. Is he growing well? If he doesn't get enough food, his growth will be slow. If he's growing like a weed he's getting enough. If I feel like my kids are getting too thin sometimes I'll hide some butter or powdered milk in the food just to bump up the calories and nutrition. Good luck!

    Answer by shmorris56 at 2:31 AM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • What does the doctor say? Does he have concerns for your sons weight?

    Honestly, you can't MAKE them eat any more than they are willing to eat. I think you should begin offering more healthy choices (skip the chips and gerber stuff) cooking meals and giving him what you're eating. Where is the fruit and vegetables in his diet? He needs to be offered balanced meals. A wider variety might help, too. He may be tired of such a limited fare. Cutting back on snacks will help him be hungry for meals too.

    You don't mention liquids. How much does he drink per day? If to much, his stomach is being filled with liquid...of course he won't eat. So watch his liquid intake.

    Answer by TiccledBlue at 7:11 AM on Jan. 3, 2009

  • He gets pears, peaches, apples, oranges, and tangerines whenever I can get him to eat them. Most of the time i'll give it to him and he'll just leave it or throw it on the floor. He hasn't been to the doctor since he was 9 months, he goes on the 9th. He was very tall for his age 31 inches at 9 months but we haven't been back so I don't know if he's grown anymore. He drinks 14 ounces of juice a day and 8 to 9 ounces of whole milk 3 times a day.

    Answer by bassyentihw at 9:16 AM on Jan. 3, 2009