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A Quick Intro to CafeMom Answers

CafeMom Answers is the place to share your advice and opinions with fellow moms and get answers to your own questions fast. Here's all you need to know to get started:

  1. You have to log in to participate. You can create a CafeMom account (it's free and takes just a minute) or use your Facebook account.

  2. You earn Credits by helping other moms. Credits are mostly just for fun, but they do help you reach new levels and unlock some features. Here's how to earn them:

    • Ask and answer questions. Use the categories above ("Parenting," "Life & Home," etc.) to find questions to answer, or ask your own question.

    • Bump good questions so they're seen by more moms.

    • Vote Up answers you agree with — look for the thumbs up icon next to each one.

  3. Our moms use a lot of abbreviations. DH means "Dear Husband," and SO means "Significant Other." DD and DS are "Dear Daughter" and "Dear Son," respectively. Learn more abbreviations here!

  4. You can jump directly here by typing into your browser. Alternatively, you can find us under "More" in the main CafeMom navigation bar.