What is a good lotion to apply to help prevent stretch marks?

What is a good lotion to use while pregnant to avoid stretch marks?? I heard eucerin is good.. i also dont want to buy like 50 lotions and mix them to make a lotion.. lol :) i want to start using lotion on my body already... just want some input.


Asked by KelsoBabeyy at 5:45 PM on Jul. 18, 2008 in Beauty & Style

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  • I always thought honesty was the best way to go. When I worried about it I had a great doctor who said she was going to be honest with me. She told me...Don't waste your money. It is a gimick. Your skin determines if you will have stretch marks or not. Some woman don't...some do. She told me with my skin I would. I didn't believe her and I tried everything! Needless to say...NOTHING worked. Sorry hun.

    Answer by StevensWife at 5:48 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • I used the palmers' coco butter. BIG mistake. After 2 weeks of using it I got stretch marks. Before that I was using vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is good for already stretched marks to help them turn visible but not completely as well as preventing them. You can get the vitamin E oil pretty cheap too.

    Answer by motherofzander at 5:48 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • thats stupid to say. if you have dry skin, your prone to getting more stretch marks. BUT if you moisturize your skin so it is more flexible it will prevent it. maybe not make you now get any.. but get less. that was a stupid answer.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:50 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • Plenty of water and a good vitamin rich diet is probably the best thing you can do. But it may be too late for that if you rarely eat fruits and vegetables now and fried foods are your favorite choice (not assuming that you do, just stating it so you wil know).

    Answer by ArtC at 6:00 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • Of course the main lotions people use have a mix of cocoa butter and vitamin E oil. I used the Vaseline brand Cocoa butter. BUT, the first reply was the best so far, if you're prone to getting strech marks, so sorry but you will get strech marks :( My entire pregancy went by and i didn't get any! Then, of course my daughter was eight day late and I kid you not, I got my strech marks in the last fliipin 8 days :( I use sunscreen on them now when I go in the sun because they can turn darker in the sun and even at night I still use the cocoa butter hoping they might disappear one day but so far no sch luck.

    Answer by Hannah-Belle at 6:23 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • my doc said they were hereditary and so she was right. my mom has em and so do i, i have tried every thing and nothing worked.

    Answer by jbirchard at 6:41 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • Strech marks and veryclose veins are hereditary!! :( It sucks I know! I used all kinds of lotions thinking IM NOT GOING TO GET ANY IF I KEEP USING THESE! NOPE! not true! Just hope your mom did have any lol! good luck

    Answer by kiansmom0423 at 6:48 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • Dr. Hauschka blackthorn oil. The only place i have marks are right next to my hiney crack where I didn't apply

    Answer by HesMyLife22508 at 7:39 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • I think they are hereditary, if there is something out there that works boy I wish I had it with my son cause I am covered from chest to legs with strech marks....So is my dad btw lol And he didnt gain 50 lbs carrying a baby

    Answer by MommyMel03 at 7:51 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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  • I had a few stretchmarks from puberty (on hips) & so I was totally determined not to get any when I was pregnant. I used sooo much crap & my fear came true.....I shredded the crap out of my body! Seriously, it's so gross. If your going to get 'em your going to get 'em, not much can be done about it. Good luck, I sincerely hope you have better luck than I did. :)

    Answer by proudmama2772 at 8:01 PM on Jul. 18, 2008

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