How do you cope with the worry over SIDS?

I feel like I have to watch my baby's every little breath to protect her. It is driving me crazy and the thought of it is tearing me apart in the inside.

The moment I decided to relax a little bit about it I read a journal post on CM that talks about a woman losing her 3 month old to SIDS last week.

How do I make myself relax and feel better? How do I make things safer for my darling little Ellie?


Asked by girlneffy at 2:46 AM on Jan. 31, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • I had a stillborn baby the first time so I was paranoid to say the least.

    I got an monitor that went under my baby's bed and would go off if their breathing dropped below a certain rate. The one I got was called Baby Sense II they have version III now. Had to buy it online and I think have it shipped from Israel or something like that. I was about $120 at the time. If you search for apnea monitors I think you can even find clip on ones that monitor breathing.

    Afterwards I stumbled across information about Dr Sprott. He is a scientist in New Zealand who has a theory about SIDS. There have been NO SIDS related deaths following his methods. To me it makes a lot of sense. Here are some sites with information about him and how to prevent SIDS

    Answer by AussieMum2 at 2:55 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • You just have to learn to relax mamma I did and do the same thing with my son and he will be 6 months on the 13th of Feb, it freaks me out so bad that even when I know he is okay I still go and check on him, I would never know what to do if I lost him, but I went and spent about $130.00 on a movement monitor for his bed and if it wasn't for that I would have probably been on meds for anxiety, its called an Angelcare movement monitor you can buy then online and at Babies-r-us, the only other thing I can tell you to do is educate yourself on it when he first came home I was so freaked that I read everything I could on and about SIDS how to prevent it what the possible causes were EVERYTHING I could find I read. cont----->>


    Answer by hautemama83 at 2:59 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • Do you have a fan in her room because recently they found that having a fan going in the baby's room reduces SIDS by something like 70%, also always make sure she is sleeping on her back, no blankets or pillows in her bed so she can't suffocate on anything and next time you take her to the Doctors ask them what else you should do to prevent anything from happening GL and if you need more info on the monitor PM me


    Answer by hautemama83 at 3:00 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • im sorry pp but to me that is b/s about the fan. My daughter had a fan in her room slept on her back like they told me to and she still died from sids. I hate that new fan study because I think its a load. Sorry. Anyways, OP the only thing you can do is just be careful about her positioning and doesnt happen to everyone. I had 3 children that grew perfectly fine with no problems.

    Answer by ChaoticSoul at 4:06 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • ChaoticSoul, my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine the heartbreak. You experienced my worst nightmare, for now,

    Answer by girlneffy at 4:26 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • Its ok for you to feel that for one thing? I am almost positive that every mother goes thru that and it lasts for the 1st year. I did that. I was scared to death just like you.I just learned to deal with it the best way I knew how. I started taking it one day at a time and doing everything like I was supposed to, except sleep well. There is no way to tell you to stay calm,because every mom does it I would think.So just remember you aren't alone. I know you won't get enough sleep, and I know a lot of people will give you all kinds of advice out of kindness of their heart,but, just take it one day at a time. My daughters are 19 and 23 and the doctors told me at that time to let them sleep on their stomach because it was safer, so now we know different. Talk to your doctor and tell him your fears and Congratulations.

    Answer by Kat122 at 6:15 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • Worry is natural. How did I cope with it?

    Since there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop SIDS....if it's going to happen, it's going to happen...I wanted to enjoy my kids to the max.

    I go to sleep every night knowing that it could have been the last day I have with any of my kids. The threat of SIDS never ends....when they are no longer infants, it becomes SUDS...Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome. Children and adults can die at any time with no explanation. It happens every day. There's no way to prevent it. SIDS or SUDS happen in the blink of an eye. Instant death and no monitor or anything can stop it.

    Just live your life with your kids to the fullest. Make sure that you leave each day lived to it's fullest. Do what you can to make your kids happy and you happy. Unfortunately, death is a fact of life. When it happens, it happens.


    Answer by Anonymous at 7:01 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • SIDS cannot be prevented. The experts *think* there are risk factors, however, they don't know. Monitors set off an alarm if there is no movement for a certain amount of time...if it's SIDS, by the time that alarm goes off they're gone. It's called "SUDDEN" for a reason.

    I started to put my oldest on his back to sleep. But our first day home, he had to be flipped over and suctioned out TWICE because he was choking on his spit up. He did NOT turn his head like the "experts" said he would. My kids went on their tummies. They slept better...and so did I knowing they weren't going to choke on their spit up, and I simply kept everything out of their crib that they might suffocate on.

    Coping with the idea of SIDS took research on my part. Actually reading the studies (not articles) and realizing they have no clue about SIDS. I decided to just have fun with the boys for however long they were with me.

    Answer by TiccledBlue at 7:08 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • I know that sids is a scary thing. You have a sweet little blessing and when someone looses one, it is heart breaking. It is terrible just to hear! If you are informed, and do what ever you can, then you have to be thankful for that little sweetheart every day, and enjoy him/her. If you spend every night worrying, your life with your child is not going to be what it could be. Remember God gave ou that sweet little thing, protect it the best you can and go on. One little hint keep the big soft stuffed animals out of the bed at night. God Bless!

    Answer by craftymeme at 8:38 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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  • I think every new mom goes through that fear, it's only natural. You just have to somehow trust that she'll be okay and do the best you can. I don't know how else to tell you to put your fears to rest, but you just have to. I'm a Christian so I prayed over my babies every night for protection, and I still pray for them. I still worry about them whenever they go outside to ride their bikes, or spend the night at a friend's house or anytime they're not with me, but you can't let fear rob you of the joy of raising your baby girl. I'm the biggest worrywart in the world, believe me, but just try to push past the fear and enjoy the fun things. You can't protect them from EVERYTHING, they're going to get hurt, they're going to get sick, it happens, just enjoy her.

    Answer by Bethsunshine at 8:57 AM on Jan. 31, 2009

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