How do moms deal with multiple births?

My baby girl is just over two weeks old and I cannot keep up with her, well I guess I can but it is very difficult! (I do also have a step son who is five and autistic that requires attention too)

How to these mommies with multiple births do it?


Asked by girlneffy at 9:49 AM on Feb. 1, 2009 in

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  • I believe God knows what hes doing and only gives moms who can handle more then one more then one. Whether its naturally or by fertility drugs God knows what hes doing and has a plan. He never gave me more then one at a time so obviously I probably couldnt handle it LOL.

    Answer by gemgem at 9:50 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • first of all- that lady was a moron who just had 8 kids and never should have had them.
    second of all- It takes a strong woman to be able to raise multiples. I give them LOTS of credit.

    Answer by krazyash023 at 9:53 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • Pray and lots of COFFEE

    Answer by 4kids1970 at 9:55 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I give them props too! They work so hard! I have three all different ages and my oldest is autistic too I can't imagine throwing eleven more in there! I would go crazy.

    Answer by ednakrabapple at 10:01 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I got off easy - I only have twins (identical girls)! Omg, I remember when they were newborns and they would be in the infant carseats - I could carry both carseats and the diaper bag, I but I remember thinking that if it was triplets, well I'd just die because there was NO way I could carry one more thing. I had to fit both carseats into one shopping cart, and pull another cart behind me to shop with. The worst part was that EVERY five seconds someone stopped me to look at the babies. I tried to be good natured, but seriously, try being in a hurry and stopping to talk to 15 people in walmart! The other hard thing about the twins was I didn't really have time to just sit and bond with them as newborns, I had to change/feed/burp one and move on to the other. That whole time is just a blur, I don't have specific memories of one baby or the other. Any mother with triplets or higher is amazing in my book!

    Answer by MommyAddie at 10:22 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I agree wtih gemgem. Also I am sure they do take breaks when they can.

    Answer by MomnVa at 10:50 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • i couldnt handle multiples but im sure that those who can must have alot of patients

    Answer by symle456 at 11:01 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I had fraternal twin boys when my oldest son was 11 months. I'd carry the twins in their carseats, then go get DS. When the twins got heavy in their carseats, I'd take one out and lay him on the van floor with a knee to keep him from rolling out, get the other and carry both upstairs. Then go get oldest DS. I use two carts to shop, toddler sits in the seat, twins in the basket and I pull one for groceries. I carry both twins and have toddler on a leash. I do have a triplet stroller, but it's hard to transport with the van. The sedan we'll be getting will be easier, I'll just have to tie down the trunk.

    As for sleep, lots of soda, lots of internal cussing. My twins were up every 1 1/2 hours for the first 7 1/2 months. It does get better, my toddler was a dream, he adjusted well. You do what you have to do, you'd be amazed at how strong you can be and what you can deal with when push comes to shove.

    Answer by mommyonhawaii at 11:17 AM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • My twin girls are 3 now. When they were infants I had to be very creative. I remember having one over the shoulder and one across the lap. It was hard trying to soothe both babies but luckliy they rarely cried at the same time, BUT, they worked on an assembly line type of schedule: Once one stopped, the other would start immediately.
    It was overwhelming for the first year, but after that we fell into a routine and things calmed down a bit.
    I RECENTLY had another baby. She's two months and oddly enough, it does seem like this singleton baby is a bit more needy than the twins were combined. Hmmm...

    Answer by loyo3000 at 3:47 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I have triplets and my Dh works 48 hours and then in home for 24, so I was home with them most of the time by myself. Honestly, you have no choice in handling them. You do because you have too. You get tired, You get sleepy, and you still do everything you need to.

    Answer by gkm15099 at 9:50 PM on Feb. 4, 2009

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