What can I use to clean clothes instead of laundry detergent?

I have no more laundry soap and i was wondering if there is anything else you could use, like dish soap or shampoo lol,


Asked by Anonymous at 4:05 PM on Feb. 1, 2009 in Home & Garden

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  • For laundry, you can try using dish soap, liquid hand soap, or shampoo in a pinch (from wikihow.com)

    answerbag.com had these comments:
    "If you have plain soap (not deodarent)shave some of it with a veggie peeler into a cup of hot water. It will sort of dissolve. Then add that to your washer along with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. A big glug of vinegar works, too and helps keep the colors bright in clothes. "

    And someone else said just go ahead and run the laundry because residual detergent would clean the clothes.

    Answer by Bmat at 4:23 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • Sure you can use dish soap just not as much and not in the washer you will have to do it by hand.

    Answer by gemgem at 4:08 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I use dish soap to strip the detergent residue off of my cloth diapers, so I'm sure that will work. Just use a very small amount (maybe 1/2 a teaspoon) and give it an extra rinse.

    On a regular basis I make my own detergent, you might want to try it to save some money. Just use one cup of borax, one cup of WASHING soda (not baking soda) and half a bar of fels naptha soap, grated. Mix it all together and use one teaspoon for a normal load, two for a heavy or really dirty load. Be aware though, that it won't make bubbles. Commercial detergents use an additive that makes bubbles so that you *think* it is working better, but the bubbles do nothing at all. It also won't give your clothes any scent at all.

    Answer by SamanthaAgain at 4:27 PM on Feb. 1, 2009

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  • I have used pine-sol. It works well but smells strong. Shampoo usually isn't strong enough - but good for delicates. Dish detergent will make so many suds that they will overflow from your washer. Make sure you don't use a cleanser that will bleach your clothes. I think baking soda would work well in a pinch. If the clothes are not stained or too heavily soiled, just plain water may work. Fabric softener in the dryer will give the clothes a nice smell.

    Answer by FlyMom07 at 4:04 AM on Feb. 2, 2009

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  • my mom used pinesol on my dad's clothes(he was a diseal mechanic) and it really cleans but leaves a strong odor behind. I have used baking soda and vinegar in a pinch.

    Answer by pagirl71 at 9:41 AM on Feb. 2, 2009

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