What's the best remedy for a yeast diaper rash?

My daughter has had a diaper rash for about 2 weeks. It now has tiny white pimples as well as the redness. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of over the counter cream I could use to treat while I am waiting to get her into the doctor. My clinic says that March 11th is the earliest she can be seen.


Asked by carissasmomma at 4:57 PM on Feb. 24, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Aquaphore works great for that type of rash.

    Answer by Mommy2B04 at 5:08 PM on Feb. 24, 2009

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  • If it is a yeast infection then you need a treatment for yeast infection. Whatever type of cream you'd use for a yeast infection on yourself, an anti-fungal cream. Or I've heard of using plain yogurt on it too. When you do see the Dr they may prescibe an oral anti-fungal too in addition to a cream. I know I've been told to use an otc anti-fungal cream on my boys, I really can't remember the name of it right now though.

    Answer by canadianmom1974 at 5:16 PM on Feb. 24, 2009

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  • I don't know if this is what your DD has or not, but a few weeks ago, I had to take DD to the doctor for the same thing. Hers was on her bottom, running up her back and working it's way around her hips. Her ped. said that it was a bacterial infection and gave us some prescription cream. It worked wonders, the next day you couldn't hardly see the spots at all. I thought hers might have been a yeast infection too, but it wasn't.

    Answer by Mizzjos at 7:32 PM on Feb. 24, 2009

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  • Soak her twice a day if you can (at least once) in a tub with water and baking soda. No soap, just play and soak.

    Use Lotrimin AF three times a day at diaper changes. All other diaper changes use a barrier cream (we used A&D ointment)

    Don't use wipes...use washcloth with water only.

    Keep her as dry as possible.

    Answer by TiccledBlue at 8:05 PM on Feb. 24, 2009

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  • I say find a different Pediatrician if yours won't take you sooner. That's crap! I'm sure they're nice and all, but you should find an office that can take you the day you call if you need to get in. Diaper rashes are painful.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:01 PM on Feb. 24, 2009

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  • Can't you go to a walk-in clinic or something, March 11th is far too long to wait. If not call them everyday asking if there has been cancellations, they'll probably squeeze you in just to get you to stop bugging them.

    Answer by MammaMcC at 1:11 AM on Feb. 25, 2009

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  • I got her into the doctor today! She does have a Yeast Diaper Rash! They gave me 2 different creams to apply. Thanks to you all for your help! I appreciate it very much.

    Answer by carissasmomma at 3:53 PM on Feb. 25, 2009

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