Do you let your kids drink soda?

My 5 year old loves Dr. pepper. I do let her. Not constantly but I know alot of moms dont. But even juice has alot of sugar!! What do you think?


Asked by faithful78 at 12:18 AM on Mar. 7, 2009 in Food & Drink

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  • My kids mainly drink water, they get some milk with their breakfast in the morning and water all day, on rare occasions they'll get juice with their snacks, however my kids go through two bundles of banana's and two bags of apples in one week, so fresh is what they prefer for snacks.

    As for if I let them have soda, yeah if it comes with a meal when we're out getting something quick on maybe a rush day, but this is very rare and the drink is usually free.  I don't freak if my children are offered or have soda while at other peoples house, and my children don't get hyped up after drinking, it's just not my preferred drink to have have around.  I believe in teaching them to drink as with anything that may not be so healthy in moderations and make it a rare treat.


    Answer by Knightquester at 1:39 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • I do, but it's a treat:)

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:20 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • he gets some diet dr pepper from my glass now and then, and sometimes he asks for sprite, but most often, he still drinks juice/diluted, or water/milk.

    Answer by thehairnazi at 12:24 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • A little now and then. My 14 year old drinks more though.


    Answer by anime_mom619 at 12:24 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • for my older ones yeah (6 and 4) if we have a pizza night or something similar to going out then they can have soda but only give my 15mth sips now and then.

    Answer by bonnie-jo at 12:28 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • my DDs only 8 months so no more than an occasional sip just to remind her that she doesnt really like it (i think its the bubbles).

    when she gets older sodas will be treats. i only plan on letting her have them if we have a pizza night or go out to eat as a family.

    when shes a teen i will have the same rule my mom had. only one soda a day from the house & never w/ dinner unless it was pizza, burgers, or out. suprisingly that rule has stuck w/ me throughout my life (except for in high school).

    Answer by okmanders at 12:37 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • I am so proud of my son because he absolutely loves soda and he gave it up for Lent! We went out to eat today and he got his kid meal and even after I told him he could get some lemonade he got water! WOW!

    Answer by Gigi1969 at 12:40 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • my 17 yr old won't drink soda during basketball season(she's varsity captain and wants to set an example to the team) otherwise she drinks diet coke
    My 16 and 21 yr old aren't huge fans but my 4 yr old!!! I have to keep my eye on him!!! lol! I leave a mt. dew out and it's gone! So I have to hide my soda's from him.

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 12:46 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • It is better for their teeth is they use a straw when drinking sweet things.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:58 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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  • NO. lol. but DD is only 14 and a half months old. lmao. when she is older.. perhaps 8 or so.. maybe for a treat, like when we go to a resturant or something..
    I'm pretty weird about it because my sitter when I was about a year old use to let me drink soda, and coolaid.. and things like that (and my parents didn't know because they packed other things for me to drink that sitter never bothered with, she just dumped them instead).
    Anyways.. by the time I was 2 all my front teeth had to get pulled and until I was 10 years old,, all I sang every year for Christmas was "all I want for christmas is my two front teeth" well I changed it to four.. but yeah.. was not happy.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:58 AM on Mar. 7, 2009

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