How do you make an indoor terrarium?

Am a cat owner. Always wanted indoor plants. Thought this would be a fun thing to do. How do you start one, best plants to use, watering and care directions. Must they have a lot of sunlight. What is the best container to use?


Asked by Anonymous at 4:16 PM on Mar. 19, 2009 in Home & Garden

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  • take a 10 or 20 gallon Rubbermaid tote preferably a clear one. you turn it upside down and place it ontop of the lid . place your selected plants into small pots and place on the lid beforehand. drill 1/4 inch holes every few inches across the actual bottom of the tote. this will allow for air and for you to mist the plants periodically. you can choose whatever plants you want . i prefer using african violets..they seem to take well to that. let me know if you have any ?

    Answer by mamofive at 10:43 PM on Mar. 19, 2009

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  • An old aquarium works beautifully too. You can usually find one at a yard sale for about $2-5. A 10 gallon aquarium will hold a lot of plants. Some tanks will have lids, or you can put a screen or a mesh over the top to keep your kitty out of it. I used one 20 gallon tank with a glass divider halfway up the middle and put plants in one side and used the other side as a tiny aquarium to hold 3 neon tetras.

    Answer by pagan_mama at 10:10 AM on Mar. 20, 2009

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