Do you think the driving age should be raised?

I went for a walk today. I live in a fairly rural area but I was still almost run over by a teenage driver. The passenger was rudely hanging out the window yelling at me to get a life and get a car. Now I have a car. I have a license. I have money for gas. I just chose to walk because it was a beautiful day!
Here in California teen drivers account for 80% of all fatal accidents. Is it me or is this saying that they should not be on the road? Sure some are responsible enough but obviously the majority are just not ready. What do you think?


Asked by JasonsMom2007 at 11:14 PM on Mar. 20, 2009 in Teens (13-17)

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  • no, i think people need to raise their kids better, and pay attention to whats really going on.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:16 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • I agree. There are too many idiot drivers around my neighborhood. This one man was driving around doing donuts, and racing back and forth on our one way street. What scares me is, what if my son wants to play outside when he gets older? I'm not crazy about having to worry about him getting run over.

    Answer by LaurenKaye29 at 11:16 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • The teens out here drive like little assholes when mommy and daddy aren't in the car with them. There is always an article about some teens getting in an accident and there was either alcohol or drugs involved or way too many kids in the car. I think it should be more difficult to give a license to some teens.

    Answer by Steff107 at 11:17 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • Yes, kids should not drive till they are at least 18. They have no sense!! I cannot believe they are allowed to drive. They are endangering people's lives and their parents are still responsible because they are underage. That is just crazy!

    Answer by ericadrian at 11:17 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • In my state it has been raised to 18. But starting with the kids born in I think 1998. Not sure, but they are very reckless b/c they treat it as a right and not a privilege.

    Answer by coala at 11:17 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • here is California- it cost almost $300 to get one's temp driving permit!
    That alone should make teen drivers few-one would think. my son is 15.5. We are thinking of havinnghim get a job to pay for half of the fee.

    Answer by Kiter at 11:19 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • YES!!! I am only 19 but I think it should be raised for sure. I was driving home the other day from the doctor and I am 34 weeks prego so very scared to drive anyway but hubby was out of town so I had to drive. Anyway, I was on a road speed limit was 30 I was going about 33-35 and a BIG Explorer was on my ass. I have a little camry and this street is only one lane so they couldn't pass and the laid on their horn when I stopped at the stop sign because I took too long, and then as soon as it was 2 lanes sped past me and flipped me off, guess who was driving. A 16 year old girl with her friend in the passengar seat. WTH? I was so scared!

    Answer by twinmommy2009 at 11:21 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • i think they should make it where if you dont have good grades you cant get ur licence....if they are responsible in school then they are more likely to be more responsible in a car.....

    Answer by Armywife510 at 11:21 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • Yes. I didn't get my license until I was 20 and out of the house; I was responsible for my own car and accidents if I had them. If a 16 year old gets into an accident, their parents can pay for it and it doesn't give the kid responsibility. I don't think teens are mature enough to drive.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:25 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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  • I definately do and I feel the drinking age should be raised too! Im sorry but these KIDS are not responsible enough to drive and make decisions like driving or even drinking. It annoys me to no end! I also agree with the first post, about parents being REAL parents and raising them like their children and not as their friend.

    Answer by MaiasMommy619 at 11:27 PM on Mar. 20, 2009

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