What kind of financial aid is availabe for single moms wanting to attend college full time?

*is it possible to do without working? What kind of financial aide?


Asked by stephw385 at 2:27 PM on Aug. 4, 2008 in Money & Work

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  • try the local welfare office, or maybe work source, you have the net, use it!

    Answer by CNmomma at 2:31 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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  • www.fafsa.org I think that is it...

    Answer by mlc4k at 2:34 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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  • There are a ton of ways to help you out financially if you are a mom who wants to go to school, although many of them might require you to work at least part-time.

    First off, check with your school's financial aid department. Many community colleges have on-sight daycares are special scholarships/grants for moms in school. Also, make sure you've filled out a current FAFSA (financial aid application). The FAFSA has a place for you to list that you're a single mom, and how many dependents you have. According to your answers, the FAFSA will give you an estimate on how much aid you qualify for (based on your marital status, # of dependents, and income from the previous year)...they will include qualfiers for commuter expenses, living expenses, and childcare services as long as you are considered an independent.

    Also check with the social services dept in your county. They can offer help with daycare services, food, and medical coverage if you are in school f

    Answer by nuclear_sugar at 2:37 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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  • copy and paste this link... http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
    *if you do not have a student pin, then you will need to go apply for one. You can apply at the link above by going to the section "before beginning a fafsa." That will also tell you what paperwork you are going to need to start doing your fafsa. Mostly you will just need your last years tax information, and your student pin. Also if you are interested in going to school online, let me know and I can give you some pointers.

    Answer by coridoodle at 2:42 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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  • Like everyone has suggested the best thing for you to do is go to fill out a FAFSA form and to talk to someone in the Financial office of the school you plan on attending. Here is a website to check theres information on grants and other websites to help single moms wanting to go back to school.
    What's nice is most colleges offer classes online now so you won't have to worry about childcare for your kids.

    Answer by VidaH at 2:52 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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  • Talk to a financial aid counselor at the school you're considering; they should be knowledgeable enough to tell you of your options, answer questions etc. Do your own research too! My sister (a few years back) went to a travel agent certification program. She qualified for free tuition and books and when her car broke down during the program, the man who helped her apply for this also got her car repaired for free since she didn't have the money and it interfered w/her ability to attend classes! He was a godsend so look for people who are committed to working with you! I personally like tech schools since you are job ready w/practical skills @ graduation. You can always work towards a higher degree w/ part-time classes while you're working!

    Answer by waimaunoe at 4:21 PM on Aug. 4, 2008

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