Do you have a good recipe for fish fry?

My husband wants to have a fish fry for his b-day. Anyone have any good recipes that are good for a fish fry? I would greatly appreciate them! Thanks!


Asked by jaysmommy08 at 10:52 AM on Oct. 2, 2008 in Food & Drink

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  • when i fry seafood i always rub it with mustard , fresh cracked pepper, and sea salt
    bread it ....dip it in a little egg then bread it again and stick it in the fryer.

    and if you dont like mustard...just sub. with more egg..

    i just like that bite it give seafood

    Answer by josesmami at 12:13 PM on Oct. 2, 2008

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  • I went to a fish fry last weekend and OMG I fell in love with the fish. It was so delicious. They used Andy's Batter and put it in a deep fryer. Here is a link

    Answer by RaeLynn1221 at 1:39 PM on Oct. 2, 2008

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